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Remember when players Fought for the warthog

OP Nofunnyideas

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Remember when players fought for the warthog
Oh gosh! Yes of course!! I remember seeing teammates destroy the warthog on purpose just so that no one can't use it lol I the only one that still does this?
Miss them days
I feel that a reason for this could be that all of the maps are too close-quarters for vehicle play. You have the strategic advantage by not being in a vehicle.
I was thinking this exact thing. There are very few maps that take advantage of a big team situation. Most maps are very small in comparison to older Halo games (from what I remember), and provide way too many small routes for cover on foot. Most vehicles are flimsy or easily hijacked, forcing players to be nervous to hop into a scorpion or a wasp. Not to mention when someone has a plasma pistol and can stop you 10 times, making you unable to move. And when you do get a larger map like Viking (Valhalla), it's for CTF ONLY. I have never (for the most part) had a large (I'm talking LARGE) map play without it being CTF or Strongholds.
There needs to be new maps added to Big Team, and more reason to want a vehicle. I know it would be difficult because you wouldn't want them to be powerful enough to drive a team into hiding because they can't get to a vehicle spawn.
Something has to be done with BTB, not sure I have the answer, but there needs to be something.
They flip over too much, but still. I fear the hog. I like using the hog. RESPECT THE HOG! XD
ghost are a little op imo
No.I dunno why
Remember when players fought for the warthog
Oh gosh! Yes of course!! I remember seeing teammates destroy the warthog on purpose just so that no one can't use it lol I the only one that still does this?
I Don't think so
I completely agree with everything in this post!!

Make it happen 343!
I liked the Reach Gauss hog, I know they had to balance it for gameplay purposes. But having that slow rate of fire really takes the fun out of it in my opinion. Besides that, I still appreciate the fact that people still use it at least.
R.I.P. Warthog, died off sadly just like Harambe
Yes I do mostly in halo 2 but yeah also in halo 3
Yeah. Once a ghost was trying to get me. He tried to splatter me be he hit a bump and went over me. Then I just shot him with the br and killed him in a couple shots. But it was funny because his exploded ghost parts almost killed me.
They flip over too much, but still. I fear the hog. I like using the hog. RESPECT THE HOG! XD
Nice but I take em down to easily though they used to be almost impossible to destroy.
I guess I'm in in the minority, but I don't really want them as powerful as they used to be although they could be a tad stronger. The main issue is how easy it is to shoot people out of the vehicles which is why I rarely even get in the gunner position of a Warthog.
I agree that the hog needs a buff. Going around mowing down enemies has got to be one of my favorite memeories from past Halo games. Theres something about it that just feels so badass.
Just depends on your driver ;)
I remember how people always had a Gunner.
But now they Lone wolf it & Just press A...
I do.

But now they usually sit parked in BTB gathering dust. Only exception being the gauss, at least there is a fight over that one.

The vehicles in BTB are no where near as relevant as they used to be. The hog was feared, you never challenged it or you got shredded.

Now 2 or 3 players can team shot a hog or ghost and melt it in no time.

I would propose that you start putting the variants in btb for vehicles. Ie a tundra hog the frozen map, a corp hog on the remake from halo 3 with the 2 satellites (sorry, I don't play btb enough to know the names. Partly because the vehicle play is not really as good as it used to be). They take considerably more damage than the basic hog.

Upgrade all ghosts to sword ghosts.

It saddens me to see all those vehicles just sitting there gathering dust. No way a hog would stay parked for half a game in halo 2-3.

I dont mind the gunner so easy to shoot as the turret is much more powerful now and we can seat swap. But we need these vehicles to take a little bit more damage. They're so flimsy they've become irrelevant in the gamemode designed for their implementation.

Imo this would be a very easy fix. And it would help make vehicle play relevant again. The warthog is a halo icon. Let's figure out a way to get them back in play in btb.

just a little suggestion from someone who used to love btb. But finds it no where near up to standard in halo 5. Arena and warzone are so good. Btb needs to be brought up to the same level.

Edit: also why don't the wheelmen medals count for assists anymore? A driver could be mvp of the game. Be responsible for his gunner getting an invincible and he would be sitting at the bottom of the carnage report with maybe a couple splatters. At least some form of acknowledgment would be nice.
I asked nogodanywhere to add these type of vehicles to viking (Valhalla 2.0) and he liked my post.
Here's the thing with vehicles, folks:

1) Vehicles were nerfed after Halo 3 for a reason. This reason being that they were getting a large number of kills. Well, that may be their intended purpose but the issue is this... Newer, inexperienced, or just bad players found they could not destroy a vehicle by simply shooting at it.

In Halo 3, taking out a warthog on Standoff could be a tricky thing to do if the enemy driver knows their stuff. At your disposal were 2 plasma grenades on fast respawn, a power drain on a 30 or 60 second respawn, a plasma pistol, and rockets on a 3 minute respawn.

This is all assuming the enemy got the laser. This is just stuff on your side of the map. So with so many ways to take out a vehicle why did so many players fail to do it? Put simply, it required planning and thought. You had to outsmart the enemy driver, anticipate his or her route, and coordinate with your team.

2) Vehicles are useless because the majority of players simply couldn't handle strong vehicles in the game.

We have people complaining about farming now? What if vehicles could shrug off sniper, br, and dmr rounds like they were nothing?

3) Vehicles were nerfed because the community wouldn't survive if they maintained their strength. It's the same reason Bungie did away with the 1-50 ranking system and introduced seasons, because "people didn't like being told they weren't the best."

4) Essentially, many things in Halo have changed over time to suit the needs of people's inadequacy to deal with certain things.
1) Yes they were nerfed after Halo 3, and vehicles combat has been terrible ever since they did. I'm sorry but vehicles are meant to get a lot of's a vehicle!! Like a tank or a ghost should be able to wreak you unless you have the right weapon (or a other vehicle) to counter it. Halo shouldn't change just because newer players don't have that instant gratification feeling of destroying one like they get in other FPS. God forbid people have to actually learn to play the game they are playing. 343I needs to realize this.

2) Yes they are now, but they don't have to be if we go back to how they were. I'm sorry but it's not the games fault you don't pick of one of x weapons to take them down. As you said, on Halo 3 map standoff there was a ton of weapons to take out the hogs. I've never understood this whole "I'm playing in a team playlist, yet I should be able to do everything by myself" Give me a break! Your in a team playlist, so use your team. If you don't, then you better at really good at Halo so you can maybe stand a chance to do it solo.

3) I think they were nerfed because people are just cry babies for the most part "Oh it's too hard... I can't kill it" Well maybe you should learn the game. There is always a way, unless your getting spawned killed. The problem is people today again want that instant gratification and if they can't do it the first couple of tries, they quit. It's a pathetic!!! People just need to use there brain, think, and stop running out like a chicken with it's head cut off. I heard Bungie got ride of the 1-50 system because MS told them too. Again, this whole "People can't fail anyone" is a joke. It's why Halo 4 was so bad with all the "hand holding" and dumb, dumb medals like "comeback kill" lol for the player. I'm really sick and tired of video games holding the players hand and making everything super easy! If they want to play that type of game, go play COD where they give you medals for just playing the match it seems.

4) I couldn't agree more with this!!! As I stated above, so many people are a joke these days. I think Halo should be HALO! It should play like HALO. If that means it's not number one again, then fine. Doesn't make it a bad game. I'm 100% convinced there is a market for arena style FPS shooters like Halo 1-3 and sorta 5. Just like there is a market for Turn based RPGs. Sure they aren't the number one selling game on x system, but they have loyal followings and do sell well if they are made well. People say Halo won't be number 1 again ever, I say never is a long time.

Also just want to point out, if it seems like I'm blasting you viper skills, I'm not, I'm just adding my take on what you have said.

I just want vehicles to be feared again like they were in Halo 1-3. Now if you want to use good vehicles, you have to play warzone and use the level ones. BTB vehicles are a huge joke. The whole vehicle system should go back to how it was in Halo 3. Just make sure there are aint vehicle weapons on the maps. If you don't want to learn the game, then maybe Halo just isn't for you. I don't want to drive away players, but that is the truth. Most of my friends have left Halo for a number of different reasons, but one being that BTB is just so terrible now. Unfortunately 343I has kicked it to the curb along with so many other great playlists. Doubles being a other one, but at least it's FINALLY here now. & months too late, but it's here now.

One last statement, Tanks should be feared. If your dumb enough to just go at it shooting your AR, you should be destroyed and you shouldn't make much of a dent at all on that tank, end of story. God what I wouldn't give to have Halo 3 style BTB in Halo 5.

EDIT sorry for long post, but it just really boils my blood how BTB (and other parts of the game) has become a joke. 343I please make this right in Halo 6
I'm actually pretty good at driving Hogs in just about any Halo, so it really pisses me off when I'm in the driver's seat of one in an Arena (or Warzone even) match and none of my teammates are getting in. And I'm just sittin' on my couch like "C'mon! Get in the Hog you noobs!"

And I know that many players aren't super comfortable with getting on the gun, but someone's gotta get in the gun.

My point is, if teammates would actually cooperate with an actually good driver, then my BTB and Warzone experience would be so much better, and make everyone's lives easier. -__-
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