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Req Packs weapon distribution

OP nightkill3r117

Hello everyone first off I hope everyone is having a good day. Now the reason for this thread is I'm nervous about the req packs and how much stuff we will recieve in each pack. If I got lets say a cool dmr with attatchments I would be nervous to use it in battle because I would not know the next time I would get the card. That's why I purpose we get a base set of weapons in warzone that don't require req cards. For example the basic sniper and rocket launcher would be base weapons you can always earn in a match and leave lets say Linda's sniper to be in a req pack. I would just be very preemptive to use any of my cards and I was wondering how any of you feel about this weapon distribution.

Thanks for reading!
DMR and other loadout weapons will be permanent, use the req card once, get the weapon for good, i assume even if it has attachments ect.
Also im pretty sure most basic power weapons e.g sniper shouldnt be too uncommon anyway
Never fear the grind, It's all just a matter of time till everything permanent is unlocked. Now the RNG will be a pain but that's how it goes.
Once you get a REQ card, the same one will show up more often so you don't have to wait two weeks to use another sniper rifle or phaeton
The word "generous" has been used more than once by 343 officials to describe how often REQ Packs are rewarded.