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Road trip commendation

OP Omae Wa Mou2174

My company is at 30/31 at the "all together now" commendation needed for the Achilles armor. Does anyone know how to complete the "Road trip"? Its our last commendation we need to complete for the armor. It says in the description to "kill an enemy spartan with a ground vehicle." Can I ram them with a ghost or a wraith? Or do I have to use the mounted weapons on the vehicle like the turrets on the warthogs, scorpions, and wraiths? Can I complete the commendation in Big Team Battle?

Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle
Yes you can ram them with anything... as long as it's a ground vehicle. Warthogs are good for splatters... but I learned with helping my company, that sometimes the various warthogs would count, and sometimes they wouldn't. So I would stick to tanks/ghosts/mantis and away from warthogs (unless you're trying for splatters). Splatters will count twice... it'll count for the ground vehicle kill and for the splatter comm as well.
Warthog turrets do no count. They are considered power weapons. The game can’t differentiate from the turret you carry and the one that’s mounted on the hog. In order for the kill to count towards the road trip commendation, it must be made by a driver and not passenger of one of the following vehicles: Scorpion, gungoose, mantis, ghost, or wraith. Splatters with the hog also count to this commendation as well as the splatter commendation. All vehicle variants count, so if you have a lot of Hannibal scorpions, now is your time to shine
You actually need to shoot with ground vehicles for the commendation. Both turrets and splatters don’t count so get your company is some ghosts, tanks and mantises :)
I think you just have to eliminate spartans with ground vehicles using their main weapons, not splatters them
if you can use wraiths they are in my opinion the best choice for this task