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Sandbox Update Wish List?

OP ske7ch

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Pistol is perfect but BR and DMR are not good/reliable/consistent enough. I would love for all weapons to be as consistent as possible.
Thank for the changes that have been made but there are still issues with the weapons in the game most people still addressed most of the main issues being about the dmr and covanent weapons however I have some suggestions not only for the weapons but As well for playlists and sandbox

1. One of the first things that needs to be addressed is the incosistantcy of both the weapons and the melee mechanics whether it being ghost melee or bullets not registering and a lot of people have been talking about removing aim assist from spartancharge that I like.

2. Add social variants of ranked arena modes. Id like to see a return to a social variant of slayer/team objective that is 5vs5 and AR only starts (having old game modes like KOTH, Single Flag, and Assault)FFA/Objective FFA, and place swat and snipers in social. Make changes to ffa to have settings closer to hcs (limit the amount of automatic weapons and remove the brute rifle from the playlist).

For god sakes please put oddball in normal team arena and make let weapons have unlimited amo in wzff
Old BR, DMR, Caribine and Railgun need yo return as soon as possible. They are not worthwhile anymore, Pistol beats them easily. Not to mention when a game is laggy. Theres no option to win a game with the pistol
Reduce bullet magnetism/aim assist on the BR and Sniper AND remove the vertical recoil screenshake on the BR.
The return of the original design of the Mark VI Armor (Halo 2-Halo 3). In Halo 4-5 it is horrible.

Fix shadows and illuminated the graphic engine. It just looks better Halo 3-Halo 2A
The BR fires slow enough now that I usually just stick with the pistol. I used to love it before ANY of the changes.
Bring back the original Breakout settings, no shields or shotguns and smg/normal pistol starts.
Pretty simple : A matchmaking playlist with a constantly rotating list of community maps - just trust the community to test them enough, give us the tools to put it into production. This would give us a reason to log in every week - try the new maps - see how they play - have some unique moments of tight matchmaking. And each week change the gametype - a week of 6v6 ctf, then a week of 5v5 assault. The game is so good, it just needs to be wrangled back to life.
Bring back the classic Breakout permanently pls! It was very fun, and was also pretty competitive to play. One of the best modes 343i has developed (aside from Richochet)
Spartan Charge
There are two ways that Spartan Charge can score a one-hit kill: when hitting a player from behind, or when holding an Energy Sword. One-hit Spartan Charge kills are rather frustrating to deal with. For the Energy Sword in particular, Spartan Charge dramatically increases the power of the weapon.
I am suggesting A: removing the ability for Spartan Charge to instant-kill players from behind, and B: making the Energy Sword no longer increase Spartan Charge's damage.

also magnum starts in btb pretty please
I would like to see the warthog buffed, no one bothers to use it anymore it doesn’t feel like halo :(
1.- The spartan charge is too OP but just because de aim assist after it's triggered, it's practically undodgeable even if you try it will follow even to mid air
2.- The Wasp and illumanation in certain BTB maps, we need more wapons to counter the Wasp specially in maps where there is only a plasma pistol and a grenade launcher, and about the illumination, in certain maps the "sun" is too brigth and it "blinds" you if you are locking at it so the player who is giving the back to the sun has a BIG advantage.
3.- Please a social version of arena playlists.
• Remove nade hit markers.
• Add in forge HCS maps
• Fix the loader animation. It's been there since launch. Seems like two different loader animation loops play, and one is skewed ( almost as if this is a canned developer asset, not a graphics team asset). I'm an animator and it drives me crazy. One of the easiest fixes for an asset swap. Also, a loading animation is one of the most viewed animations in a multiplayer game, make it beautiful! I'll gladly animate 20 looping, fluid versions in one workday if you guys want.

Great work on Halo 5. Love it!

I think one of the highest priorities in rebalancing the Halo sandbox should be to offset the massive imbalance between cost efficiency of REQ Weapons and REQ Vehicles in Warzone. As it stands, vehicles are massively undercosted simply because, while REQ weapons AND vehicles both improve a player's damage output, vehicles have two options that REQ weapons don't: They have an unlimited supply of ammo (REQ Weapons cannot restock ammo short of spending additional REQ points to re-buy the REQ item), and they give a player bonus health, in the form of the vehicle's health (Infantry cannot obtain bonus health short of investing in a REQ for Overshields, which again makes their individual cost skyrocket relative to someone who purchased one vehicle.)
Considering what I said in my post about how req weapons are ridiculously underpowered compared to vehicles in firefight, raising the cost of vehicles across all Warzone modes would have disastrous consequences for Warzone Firefight, so I don't think 343 should take that approach if they consider your advice here.

If you'll permit me to offer a solution for the problem that I outlined in my earlier post, 343 could simply make req stations refill all weapon ammo, including that of power weapons, in firefight (not regular Warzone, only firefight). That would be a simple easy fix that would make weapons in firefight worth calling in. Just a quick suggestion I wanted to throw out there
Too many redundant weapons. Spartan Abilities hurt map design and gunplay. Instead of being analogs to basic guns, all guns should have unique properties and effects (stun, quickcamo etc.) some could even allow enhanced mobility (rocket jumping, magnum speed boost etc).

Lose the gimmicky basic movement. Get more creative with the weapons.
Happy New Year to you too ske7ch :)

  1. SMG - WAY too underpowered. It's useless in it's current state. The damage should be what it was before the weapons tuning update and/or the ROF should be beefed if the current damage is keep. The range when zooming should be drastically reduced. The SMG should be a monster up close and terrible at mid/long range
  2. Brute and Storm rifles are both too good at mid range and beyond, especially the Brute.
Also, this would be my number 2 but wasn't sure if it could be done or not in Halo 5. No melee weapon should be able to zoom. The range boost that melee weapons get in Halo 5 is insane! And it's honestly just plain dumb how you can do it.
Pistol is perfect. Please don't ever change it.

Please fix shot reg.
BR's recoil is little to much imo.
DMR needs to be better at both close and long distance. Maybe a larger reticle?
Carbine is nice but shot reg needs to be fixed for it to be viable.
Spartan charge and pulse grenades
spartan charge is way too easy and has too much tracking and pulse nades are even stronger now than they where before the nerf. The only difference is that now you have to throw them at a players feet instead of directly at them.
Original Breakout: it was the go-to playlist for a true competitive feeling, with lowered shields meaning you'd have to be so careful at every turn. Classic Halo gameplay with a mode like this sounds like a pretty fun way to satisfy the different players out there...
1: I’d love to see 3 dimensional WZ maps like reach’s “spire” that added layers to the map design.
2: less aim assist across the field. 0 bullet magnetism. Either the bullets hit or they don’t.
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