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Seclusion needs to be removed or fixed

OP Spartan21097

This map is just wrong for ranked slayer. Firstly it is too big and open for 4v4. Second there are too many power items on the map (camo, sentinel beam, fuelrod, hammer, and hydra). Third the ghost belongs in BTB not slayer.

My preferance would be to remove the map completely. At the very least the ghost should be removed and the power weapons and power ups should be changed/balanced
Or we could just remove you, problem solved.
If it's the map I'm thinking about (one that was included in the mythic Shotty Snipers playlist) then yes, I agree that it is too big for a 4 vs. 4 match.
I am ok with the map and the power weapons. Remove the vehicle though! Not a fan of it.
Just played the map as I was typing my last comment. The ghost throws the whole map off. Completely overpowering once the other teams gets it. Otherwise I enjoy the map. Wish they would come up more often though.
I haven't played it but a ghost in ranked 4v4 sounds silly. Should be removed
I mean, the map isn't bad. I personally found that the camo being where it is is a bit weird but otherwise it's fine. But then again, I also think that the sentinel beam is a good weapon xD
I guess you never played previous Halos since there have been vehicles in Slayer before. The power weapons are likely in part to counter the Ghost. That being said, if it doesn't work then it should be removed, but maybe they could adjust things first so it does work.
The Ghost is essentially a power weapon. And as LUKEPOWA points out, many previous Halo titles included 4v4 maps that had a vehicle plus most of the "other" power weapons on this map can effectively work to neutralize the Ghost.

Fuel Rod

Not to mention there's sticky grenades and if I remember correctly splinter grenades too. Oh, and team communication goes a long way toward coordinating an effort to dispatch of the Ghost.
thats the one where the ghost is down bellow? i do that one on super fiesta...just remove the ghost and its fine
tonedef56 wrote:
I am ok with the map and the power weapons. Remove the vehicle though! Not a fan of it.
I agree. Ghosts can be OP, especially if teammates are not working together. Would like to see Ranked matches stay vehicle-free as they have been lately.
Yeah, I don't really like this map. It's too open and when the enemy has control of the hill you're stuck spawning in the rocks.