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Sentinel Scope Glare

OP a BaNaNa69x

When ever i try to use this for long range on the BR there is a glare right in the middle of my screen. Why? Is this a glitch or intentional?
It's intentional. It balances the fact you have multiple zoom options. It doesn't bother me at all when I use it
Apparently it's for balancing purposes. As if all the clutter in the scope wasn't enough to balance it.
Edit: not to mention the green tint, the fact it is ADS with a large black ring covering a large portion of the screen. It's basically useless for me with all the junk that covers my screen when I use it.
I like that glare or any other visual effects are stupid as visors auto-polarise in lore. But i guess you get to see the sun effects on maps.
Glare remains ever present even on night maps like urban. Logic.
It's for balancing.
Its asinine that there is lens glare. there is no reason for it what so ever. no gun with a scope has lens glare. Only in the imaginary world of Halo. I don't care if it for "balancing" purposes.No other game I play has lens glare. NONE. IT does nothing but frustrate players. Not to mention the "glow" of things which you should be able to tone down if you like.
I consistently use the Sentinel BR up until I can start using the Sentinel DMR. I don't typically find that the glare affects me. Does anyone have a link to the source that specifies the reason for the glare on the Sentinel scopes being for balancing?
Thanks for explaining, everyone
It's a terrible addition.

Directly interfering with the advantage something is supposed to provide is a really ham fisted way to "balance" something. Especially when it doesn't even need "balancing" in the first place.
I have only 1 good eye which makes it worse for me since I no longer have depth perception.
"The glare is there for balancing purposes."

No, lmao, it's -Yoinking!- not. If they wanted it to be balanced they wouldn't have given it so much zoom in the first place. They wouldn't implement something that only randomly blinds you some of the time in order to nerf it. The entire point of the gun is to be imbalanced.