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Server lag problems?

OP Spinkick

Hi Guys,

This week friends and I have been having lag problems, we are located in north east usa, around michigan. Does anyone else have these issues where it seems like you stop for a bit and then everything accelerates to catch up? Almost like packet loss.
Indiana player here so I'd imagine my feedback should be relevant to you :3

I've noticed a bit more lag than normal I've had the game literally slow down where I have to wait 20 seconds to respawn in Warzone

Ive also noticed spartans just dropping dead mid gunfight with "player left" at a strange people seem to be losing connections often
Yep, this is exactly what I'm running into.
I'm an Indiana player as well and I seem to be lagging a lot, things like being shot by someone who was turned the opposite way and all of a sudden being behind me, or playing swat and enemies teleporting from what should have been a perfect headshot at the time and killing me from behind the wall....
I'm in Arizona, and the past couple of weeks it's been very laggy most matches. I noticed starting to happen more frequently. When I throw grenades, the whole throwing animation will complete, then about a second later the grenade finally departs. I don't thinks it's my internet, it may be a problem with 343 servers and maybe even XBL servers, IDK.
I had the lag issues earlier this week
So far there are none now thankfully
This is what us in the UK have to put up with permanently, which is why we need regional server selection. The grenade delay can be very annoying! The teleporting behind you is game breaking as you end up losing kills.