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Are they using dedicated servers? If so, then why doesn't each region use its own server? Played a few games where all I can hear is Americans (I'm in the UK). They really need to sort this out, no point in having dedicated servers if I'm still playing with people over seas.
im from the uk as welll. im not sure how its done, but try playing during the day or early evening and your ofc play against more people from uk / europe and the connectin feels miles better. If you play later on into the night your prity much playing aginst us people 99% of the time and it defo feels laggyer. Maybe they use some kinda cloud based servers and its region is based on the majority of locations for people in the game. Id still recommend not playing to late into the night.
I go from getting perfect medal kills all evening to having to hit somone 7-8 times or even more once its late at night. if they were dedicated servers set in one location all the time, prity sure this wouldnt happen.
yeh its a pain, I only really get to play at night. They need to fix it.
Yip. NZ, same issues.... Regional servers makes too much sense.