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[Locked] Share your Halo 5 clips for HCS London!

OP Unyshek

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'Ello there!

Our team is looking to create another community highlight reel that will premiere on the HCS London broadcast in September, and we need your help to make it happen! By sending us your best Halo 5 plays, you'll be helping add something new and unique to each of our HCS shows and get the opportunity to share your clip with the entire Halo community.

To submit your Halo 5 clips, just send over a link to the Xbox DVR clip with a description of what happens in the clip here and our team will take a look through them. (If you have any bloopers, feel free to send them over as well!)

Show off your skills in this thread and your clip might be featured on stream!

HCS London
4 perfect shots in a row:
This guy fails to kill an AFK (skip to: 0.28):
Worst connection ever:
Nice triple: --- Halo 3 Throwback playlist, was playing on Construct.I was near one of the lifts with a sniper rifle in hand and got a killtrocity. -- Snapshot a guy lifting on Narrows, followed by a double kill. --Overkill with rockets and snipe on the Pit. --- Ninja a guy in Engine two followed by a triple kill on The Rig
Gamertag: ChanelWitDaBoof

Ranked Slayer on Pegasus - Lure kill #1 for ninja while getting the double kill with a nade, Magnum kill for the triple, and then bounce my grenade and use my Silenced AR for the Overkill Extermination

Super Fiesta on Plaza - Spawn with Nornfang and get 4 fast kills for the Overkill, 180 no-scope for the Killtacular

Ranked Slayer on Eden - Not too crazy for Multikills but I got caught in a 2 on 1 situation, tried to ninja the first guy but missed and only punched him. Finish him with my Magnum and then kill his buddy with a clean ninja.

H1 Swat on Coliseum - Killiminjaro.. simple as that 😎
Coli CTF Overkill -
Nasty Overkill -
FFA Overkill (Cleanups) -
FFA Overkill (Cleanups2) -
Choked the Overkill -
CTF Overkill (Cleanups) -
Slayer Overkill -
These clips stretch back over the last few years of me playing halo, and I didn't really know what to do with them until I saw this post:

1) Some sniper kills on plaza!Akg4RiLovKHKnQxhyr8G_GIaAm62

2) Extermination with sniper on Pegasus 2!Akg4RiLovKHKnQcL--AAP2lO71WK

3) Kill with plasma pistol!Akg4RiLovKHKnQOVG3n62WPWFsAl

4) Snipletanious and snapshot on Truth!Akg4RiLovKHKnQ0LiMbKi0LN4eOj

5) Rig snapshot!Akg4RiLovKHKnQWqmCz8GZyt6qF5

6) Pegasus snapshot!Akg4RiLovKHKnQlNjvnV9oCPG9PN

7) Anniversary slayer snapshot on flag carrier!Akg4RiLovKHKnQiFlH1TnVJSBBVk

8) Quickscope triple!Akg4RiLovKHKnQpAa8aliBroCTb-

9) Kills on some drivers in warzone!Akg4RiLovKHKnQvss68iq2iXYMrJ

10) Random other snapshot on Rig!Akg4RiLovKHKnQajmo-6HHbv30Fz
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Two Sniper Shots and a Magnum headshot =

Bloopers - Coming right back at ya (Hydra)

Warthog Spree - They never saw it coming

Shotgun Spree - CHARGE!
Hcs FFa Overkill vs. pretty good players
two ground pounds and a ninja while one shot

stabilization ninja

lift to hijack a wasp in mid air

triple kill with one binary rifle shot in the begging of a fiesta game
HCS Plaza Overkill/Killing spree with magnum:

HCS Truth Hail Mary Stuck:

HCS Eden 4v1 Triple kill+camo burn:

HCS Refuge CTF Killtac:
A Snipeltaneous at the end of this clip.

I thought it was decent enough to record, but I know people have pulled those off and made it look way better.

And this one is 3 Snapshots that I also felt looked flashy enough to record. Killtacular in champ HCS A nice snipe overkill in slayer Killtrocity in Champ HCS FFA Oddball killtacular in HCS Oddball Blooper, a nice no scope and I kill Kimbo for trying to betray for me sniper FFA killtacular
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