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[Locked] Share your Halo 5 clips for HCS New Orleans!

OP Unyshek

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Hey, you! Yes, you with the face!

Our team is looking to create another community highlight reel that will premiere on the HCS New Orleans broadcast next month, and we need your help to make it happen! By sending us your best Halo 5 plays, you'll be helping add something new and unique to each of our HCS shows and get the opportunity to share your clip with the entire Halo community.

To submit your Halo 5 clips, just send over a link to the Xbox DVR clip with a description of what happens in the clip here and our team will take a look through them. (If you have any bloopers, feel free to send them over as well!)

Let's see what you've got!

Gamertag: Jimbo

Overkill - Coli CTF vs Snakebite and Danoxide

Overkill - Plaza TS - All cleap ups

Nasty Snipes - Refuge CTF. Stream link so does have music :s
Here’s a few clips for #Content

Clean Over -

Back 2 Back Overkill’s -

Back 2 Back Perfect Kills on Demon d & Sparty (Currently Teammates) :) -

Decent Over -
Overkill Exterm that starts with a no scope and ends with a no scope. (airborne snapshot)
Swat overkill with some aimbot like precision.
Gamertag: Salroth
Here's my clips!

Assassinating a guy in camo whilst also in camo which wins the game -
Triple kill with nornfang - 180'd a guy on second kill -
Overkill; sniper, shotgun, shotgun, sniper -
Horrible spawnkill -
We interrupt halo to bring you an elite's leg morphed into a banshee -
This isn't how a banshee is meant to work -
Neat triple, almost die from player, exchange teabagging after I seek cover -
3 bullets, 3 kills -
Killtrocity! -
Oh hello, I didn't see you there -
Sniping a guy in camo the SECOND he is beginning to hijack a mantis -
Look right! -
Don't stop me now! *my favourite* -
*NEW* Triple kill with SAW, surprise kill with nornfang -
*NEW* Awesome snapshot -
*NEW* A neat overkill with the energy sword -
*NEW* Nice 180 turn with rocket launcher + double -
*NEW* team mate sticks himself :D -
And that's all of them! I hope people might enjoy some of these :)

EDIT: I hope that because of me sending in all of these clips, it doesn't lower someone's chance of being featured. I just have all of these clips because I haven't had an idea of what to do with them until I saw this post so... Yeah. ^_^ Thanks!
Just a nice crispy extermination -
1. 4 clean snipes to win CTF on Coli:

2. 2 for 1 snipe beatdown on Coli at end of clip:

3. Spring jump from T1 to T2 on Rig into a Triple and almost Overkill:

4. Thrust off of wall on Truth to Groundpound Sparty TG:
Overkill on Team Snipers Haven
Four for one in Super Fiesta into tac using the Binary Rifle.
Highest Killing Spree
Crazy Arms
GT: Oh Lazy

All Clips were in HCS

Nasty trip involving a ninja:

Overkill Exterm:

Nice killtacular...choled on killtrocity:

Sick Team wipe, but no overkill exterm:

Nice trip to secure a flag return:

Nice kills to secure a flag return and counter cap:
Spawnkill All Sniper Killtac In HCS:

Noscope Sniper Over in HCS:

Soaring Sniper Killtac in HCS:

Empire Killtrocity in HCS:

Railgun/Ninja Over in HCS:

Noscope Sniper Over in HCS:

All clips were hit in Onyx/Champion Lobbies in HCS throughout H5's lifespan

DM me at @Conerd_ on Twitter if there are any issues
Xbox GT: Henrystreit01
I got lots of bloopers :)

Infection Killionaire -

Some how I missed this guy (blooper)

Pound town, a player and I pounded into each other

Invincible enemy (blooper)

Clutch throw


Killed the same guy 4 times all at once somehow

guy sends me flying (blooper)

Space X (blooper) -

Weapons in an interesting position (blooper)

The best assisted suicide (blooper) -

this guy steals my assassination so I snipe him (blooper)

everybody dead (blooper)

Clutch FF

Plasma pistol sniped


Assassins creed 20

stuck in the platform (blooper)

ghost drive by

hijacking from beneath

enemys team kill in a warthog

SMG noob combo
They are all very good
Gamertag: SpudBlazin

Refuge slayer overkill with sniper:

Refuge flag killtac w magnum:

Colli flag overkill exterm to stop flag cap:
Killtrocity FFA w magnum :
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