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[Locked] Share your Halo 5 clips for HCS New Orleans!

OP Unyshek

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Two overkills in the first 30 seconds of a game :D Double Over kill in 30 seconds
Gamertag: Shaady Triple Kill With the snipe (Best Clip):
Good luck to all clips submitted!
Add this tasty grifball clip in the montage. Overkill with the hammer, some ball carrier kills, and a score!

Edit: linked wrong clip, this ones the correct one
Triple kill with Grenades and 1 headshot


Triple kill with the Magnum

Gamertag: Amplicity FLYS

Overkill Exterm - Eden Strongholds - To Win The Game! -

Overkill Exterm No Scope - Coli CTF - Clutch Overkill To Win The Game! -
This clip has my old GT but i would like to be known as Amplicity FLYS

All Clips Are HCS Playlist!
Double Kill to Flag Return/Overkill Exterm with Flag cap to win

No Scoped Camo and Friends

Cross map stick

Triple with Flag Run stop

Triple with back to back Perfects
Gamertag: ChanelWitDaBoof

Splatter Killiminjaro in Ghost In BTB, just shy of a Killtastrophe

Overkill Extermination in HCS 2018 W/ 2 Grenades and a Headshot. Drop the ball to help hold off the enemies, end up getting 3 nade kills and a clean magnum shot and still keep the ball.

Very fast Overkill Extermination on Team Swat with death following right after.

Double No-Scope Near Death (Missed an easy headshot)

Oddball HCS on Fissure, nading the carrier and a teammate, stick the carrier for the Double Cluster Luck, drop down kill the 3rd, and 180 for the Exterm.

Playing Extermination, start the round out with a perfect nade/magnum headshot to grab sniper, body shot his teammate and Magnum him for the double, jump up and turn around to get the mid-air headshot for the triple/win

Ranked Slayer on Pegasus, lure first kill for the ninja while simultaneously getting a nade kill for the double, snag the triple on a one shot enemy, and ricochet nade/silenced AR for the overkill exterm with death following right after
Killpocalypse in swat!
Outmanoeuvre an enemy:

Double Stick:

Sneaky Melee:

Accidental suicide aided by a teammate:!AjqHTZGegR53fiZBtARHthoOQuA

When u forget u have a scope

Triple Kill 👌
Yo I got quite a few here! - Truth CTF Killtac - Echelon Overkill - Off-the-start OVK with snipe on Coli TS - Sanc/Refuge CTF Snipe Triple (Stolen OVK) - Game-winning Triple from being down 48-41 on Coli TS - TS playlist Killtac with Troc choke on Rig - Triple + Further double to get pit on Empire VS Invalid (In a 2K) - Truth CTF OVK + Stolen Killtac ftw - OVK on Empire that eventually won us the game against "Known" EU players - Random Ricochet double kill
Clutch execution of teamwork to win the game on HWC Fathom CTF

Redirecting the path of a running Spartan to win us the game on HWC Truth CTF

Comical clip: In desperate times, using the full potential of your teammates may secure victory.. (HWC Coliseum CTF)

Comical clip: Two extremely eager opponents with their Shotguns were certain of my demise.. (Shotty Snipers on The Rig)
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