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Shinobi Armor Rendering Issues

OP EternaLoneWolf

So I really like the Shinobi Armor, however when I wear it I can see a noticeable issue. The armor pieces particularly for the fingers, thumb and wrist are positioned a few inches above/offset from the actual hands. This only seems to happen while I'm using a male spartan. Just wondering if I'm the only one noticing this or is there an actual solution floating out there I don't know about?
I don't have the shinobi armor yet but I've seen the same or similar issue with other armor sets. No idea what to do about it the couple times its happened was when the servers and req system were acting up so I had to reset the game anyway and it was fine afterwards.
It's definitely an error. It's possible that it was an oversight in coding, though even hand animations aren't executed for things like ammo reload and such.

With hope, it's an easy enough error to fix quickly, it's kind of hard to unsee it once you do.
Hopefully this gets fixed in the December update. There is nothing more on my end I can do since I have already restarted both the game and the console multiple times. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game to no avail. As small as this error is it's quite annoying that this is the only armor that is having this issue of all of mine.
Yea, just on Friday I got the shinobi armor and I noticed the same glitches
Dakota105 wrote:
Yea, just on Friday I got the shinobi armor and I noticed the same glitches
I'm getting disappointed in 343 since they are pushing for improvements in their games and products, but they can't take a few seconds to fix this bug in their now "fully content updated" game. It's a real shame