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Sniper Rifle or Beam Rifle?

OP Anarganar56

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For some odd reason I hit a lot more shots with beam rifle then sniper rifle the reticle just seems more comfortable to me on the beam (for whatever reason)
Sniper Rifle. NoRfAnG
I prefer the Sniper Rifle. I just like the regular bullet firing feel. My personal opinion is that it's better and I like the sound it makes. I prefer Kinetic over beam any day lol.
Sniper just because of the more ammo. They are both pretty equal to me so I wouldn’t fuss over which one I’d wanna pick up
I'm a sucker for the Halo 2 Beam Rifle. Those headshots are just so satisfying coming from that gun for whatever reason.
Bxnnyson wrote:
Would you choose the Sniper Rifle or the Beam Rifle? I wold personally choose the Beam Rifle, but what about you?
Sniper. It has more ammo and I don’t need to worry about that annoying overheat. The snipe scope glare is also a lot more understated, giving you that nice stealth advantage over the bright purple of the Beam’s glare.

Not to mention the Nornfang is a UNSC Sniper Rifle.
All great points, I also find the sniper rifle far more forgiving during snapshots than a beam rifle. While the Binary rifle is kinda cool looking, the "Predator" tri-beam scope is a raw deal, as is the amount of time you have to focus on a target. I find it more suitable for vehicles, & I think the sniper is an " all around weapon". Just for giggles, a Norfang with a damage boost is a EVERYTHING killer. Fliers beware !!!!

I don't really see the difference between them that would make the beam rifle better. In H2, beam rifles had way more ammo, each shot only worth about 5-7% of the battery, and in H4, its hip-fire accuracy was godly, but in H5 it doesn't have any of those things, along with a massive glare that everyone can see. I don't know why the H2 beam rifle in H5 doesn't have more ammo, so it could be more true to the way it was in H2.

The H2 beam rifle's firing sounds are pretty satisfying, though.
I like Hip firing the Beam Rifle alot more but the Sniper is my favorite at a distance.
I prefer sniper over beam.
i like the beam rifle for no scopes but i like the sniper for normal play.
I choose the sniper rifle because it has 4 rounds that can fired quickly and I am just more comfortable with it. I think I have an easier time getting snapshots, and snapshot headshots with it too. Though I do know the beam rifle can be fired rapidly, without overheating, if the player has some trigger control but sometimes players get into situations where those quick shots are necessary so the sniper rifle seems more reliable since it wouldn't overhead in that situation.... but can't get into too many engagements in a situation like that since the player will have to reload.

I'd like to use the beam rifle more though, I barely got my hands on the H2 beam rifle too. A few months ago I was going HAM in team snipers hopping to find a beam rifle match... took me a week to realize there are no beam rifle matches in the rotation lol.
Beam rifle because it is a headshot beast
beam more accurate
Base/arena Don't exactly prefer one over the other but I do have solid control over the beams overheat spacing so I can always get 3 rapid shots which I do enjoy so I'm going with the Beam rifle over sniper (55/45)
Other variants- I do love seeing the H2 BEAM on the screen. Beings me back to the long nights tearing up relic w/ it. I wish I could use it in arena over the H5 beam. And then I may actually prefer H2 delta over nornfang even though it may not be quite as poweful.. the blast radius is just cool and the rifle itself looks sweet. Also not running around like a giant torch is nice.
The Beam Rifle is just difficult to use. The Sniper Rifle is super reliable. I love the no reload of the Beam but because its im too inconsistent and loose with its aim it makes strong points pointless to me. Sniper has breathing room and enough stick to make confident shots/hits.
Would you choose the Sniper Rifle or the Beam Rifle? I wold personally choose the Beam Rifle, but what about you?
Sniper rifle, its multipurpose, while its good at taking out infantry it could do a number against many light armored vehicles like ghosts and banshees and still be a danger to more heavily armored vehicles like tanks.
Both are semi easy, but I feel like the beam is a tad bit easier but the sniper rifle is definitely more satisfying
Sniper because you don't have to worry about overheating and you can pick up ammo for it.
Beam rifle. I feel like if you time it right, you can Snapshot way better than with a sniper.
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