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Some Fiesta map Spawns need work


It seems that some of the new Fiesta maps were not tested before they were released. I just recently played a match on crossbow, I think that's the name, where I was just get spawn killed by mantis over and over again. Ended up having to quit because it was just ridiculous.
Makes me sad when they're referred to as Fiesta maps since they were made for regular BTB. Did no one on your team ever get a decent weapon to take it down?
Nope everyone kept spawning with assault riffles and other basic weapons. I was able to board and destroy it but when I spawned I got sniped
Just played a match on Viking and kept spawning in the exact same spot (blue look out) only to get sniped or splattered. Why not spawn players in the base? You know, like bungi's original map. The map was literally already laid out and 343 found a way to mess up. Again.
Yeah I'm not afraid to say I've been spawn splattered or just spawn killed on these maps quite a number of times. Sorta why I dislike playing btb fiesta.
Yeah the spawns on some of the new maps are terrible. I am enjoying them however. Would just be nice to not spawn right in front of someone.
The layouts are cool just feels like 343 doesn't test maps before they are released to us.
This happened to me 4 games in a row
I mean they do say its chaos at its finest. Maybe everyones dying so fast that you spawn in the first available space and thats in someones line of sight.
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