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Spartan company commendations

OP The Spooky Fish

To those in a Spartan company that have the armor and helmet, what was the last commendation you finished for level 3, and what was the commendation you finished for level 5
The first time around it was marine kills for the helmet. I can’t remember what our last for the armor was. In my current company it was standard issue kills for both the armor and helmet.
Either marine kills or lucky.
Still going for the helmet! Just need 1100 spartan charges and we're done!
i can't remember what it was for level 3 (armor) but when we were finishing for level 5 (helmet) it was headshots. (and grenade kills and marine kills were the two others we finished before that)
Marine kills and splatters
Still working on the helmet, but our final level 3 was - Kill Spartans with a Standard Weapon.
Final level 3 was headshots, no level 5 yet