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Stance ideas ?

OP Sir Mackenzi

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Maybe a stance when you assasinating someone or putting on the helmet
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Sería una gran postura como la que sale al final del primer remolque de halo 2. Osea, así como el jefe jefe con una granada en la mano y en el otro un arma
Add mythic weapon stances
A good stance would be "Leave no man behind": Your Spartan is carrying a Wounded Marine over his shoulder.
Spartan facing towards the screen, AR in right hand at a 45 degree angle from his body, pistol at same angle in his left hand, head lowered, looking "hyper-lethal". Guns are frozen mid-fire with muzzle flash visible, bullet casings suspended in the air because it's a freeze frame.

Supposed to evoke images of Noble Six's last stand.

Spartan in the same position as MC was when the Didact threw him on the light bridge. Looking up, crouched down, with one hand on the ground.

Cover of Halo 2 stance.
That's boss
Another good stance would be "Eat This!": Your Spartan is firing a rocket launcher.
Spartans Of Iwo Jima
it you and memders of you company plant a flag like the marines did on Iwo Jima
Someone already posted an image of this.
Just Google "Halo Iwo Jima"
I was thinking of a spartan holding one of those energy swords/blades that the promethean knights use but in this position. Wouldn't that be just AWESOME!??!?!
mid assasination stance. wow
Maybe a stance where like you are Spartan charging but like froze into a stance. Or ground pounding
So if they where to add any more stances to halo 5 what would you like?

My personal ideas are:
A spartan throwing a grenade (grenades would have a separate choice box).
Reloading a magnum.
A firing stance any gun would be cool for this stance (also i mean actually firing not just in a firing stance).
Rail gun being cooked.
Spartan charging.
Ground pounding.

These are my ideas i would love to here yours.
What about firing an smg while sliding
I'd like a few poses from H4, Mainly the that looks like the Captain Morgan pose.
I'm so behind in this game just getting any new stance would be great.
Would Love to see Breach from Halo 4
A stance that, in the game, you cannot actually do. For example, a punch. No, not the R1/RB button. An actual punch. Possibly even a combo. Two gut punches ending with a left/right cross? I don't know.
A good stance would be "Leave no man behind": Your Spartan is carrying a Wounded Marine over his shoulder.
They should make that a thing
Hi there, here are some new ideas!

H:CE cover
Usane Bolt

action stances ( kind of like a gif)
Riding a ghost
Break dancing
Butting Heads: The Spartan stands in an aggressive position while butting heads with an Elite Zealot or Warrior in an equally aggressive stance.

Clashing Swords: The Spartan and a Elite stand clashing swords. (Luke vs Vader style!)
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