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Stuck in 7 player lobbies

OP GruffBuzzard975

Blows my mind this game has been out this long and 343 still hasnt fixed this bug. Just give us the option to back out! We search for a game and then it finds 8 people and one player gets dropped or quits to the dashboard and the rest of us have to sit there for 5 minutes while it searches for one more player and never finds them. Instead we all quit to the dashboard because 343 won't let us back out. Honestly it's ridiculous. I've found 4 games so far and only played 1 because the game never starts and we sit in broken search lobby till it times out or we exit the game.
I hear you. Ive actually loaded into game as 3v2 lobbies, and just earlier a 3v4 on swat as the 3. My team won like 50 - 18 against low plats and we were Onyx. I got 30csr for that win.. Insane.
This just happened to me on Super Fiesta...which just made laugh. I certainly wasn't going to mind being down a player in THAT game mode.