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OP StrongSide

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*Warning this clip is extremely intense. Watch at your own risk.
Quick question, do they have to be newer clips or can I dig out some really old ones?
Cool! Now to post a bunch of clips!
In this clip I spawn to my core being attacked and I kill the attacker, quickly looting one of his weapons and using it to kill four other attackers in a matter of seconds. One of those four was in an Ultra Ghost, so I also ended up with a free vehicle.

In this short clip, I fall down into my team's armory on Darkstar and immediately snapshot an invisible opponent in the head.

In another clip on Darkstar, an enemy Banshee tried to kill me by doing a flip and instead launched me up into the air, allowing me to get on top of his armory by ground pounding. (This is just something I found a bit funny)

In this Castle Wars clip on The Battle Of Sunaion, my team rushes for Prophet's Bane, which gets launched in the air towards us when someone hit the pad with a plasma grenade, stuck in mid-air with another plasma grenade, and I then proceed to catch it.

This clip is just an extermination in Team Snipers.

In this clip I kill four opponents in Castle Wars with one plasma grenade, finish another with a plasma grenade, and then get stabbed as I enter their base.

In this clip, I killed an enemy sniper trying to finish off the Warden Eternal, stole the Warden from an enemy wraith and mantis with a shot from my spartan laser and my Halo 2 BR, killed the enemy mantis with the last shot in my spartan laser, and then disabled the enemy wraith with a splinter grenade before boarding it and tossing a grenade in the back.

In this clip on Hailstone in Castle Wars, I got an overkill with an invisibility outside the enemy base before getting a hail mary with a plasma grenade I threw at an enemy who was standing up by their flag.

This clip is just an overkill with the bayonet in WZ Turbo.

In this Castle Wars clip on Hailstone, I jump down from my team's flag and toss a grenade mid-air in the direction of the enemy base before jumping down and killing an enemy who was running to our base. I then got a hail mary medal from that grenade I threw.

In this clip on Apex, I'm the gunner in a ONI rocket hog driven by a friend of mine, who proceeded to flip over in the middle of a bunch of an enemies. While we flipped, an enemy warthog attacked us and I proceeded to kill the occupants by firing at them mid-flip. We then blew up

In this clip, I attempt to board the cockpit of an enemy Ultra Wraith when the pilot decides to jump out in an attempt to stop me. As a result, he jumped out and I jumped in his vehicle, proceeding to drive away with it.

In this clip, I save a match of WZ Firefight on Apex as the timer hits zero.

In this clip, I ambush an enemy Scorpion that had just killed a boss I was heading towards and destroy it with a grenade. However, there was a marine in the turret that jumped out as soon I boarded the vehicle. When I jumped off it, my shields were down from the explosion, so he proceeded to kill me and unload his assault rifle into my corpse.

I have a few more, but I'm tired of typing at the moment.
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6 Man splatter with banshee on warzone assault, Banshee was hijacked literally 2 seconds before the clip starts.
This clip - Insane escape from certain death if I stayed
Air hates me apparently
I like to play the waiting game
Run, just run.
Didn't even see it coming (at the end)

That's about the ones I have. Will probably update this post a few times as I go.

Pretty clean Kiltac exterm in snipers. It's mostly no scopes
Warzone. Killmanjaro comprised of 7 snipe headshots, 1 Busted, and two long range snapshots.

Alternate link:
Cooking up some more clips:
I am defied flawlessly by time and space. I am the constant plaything of these two entities (whether to my own destruction or that of others). These are their greatest tricks played on me:
Miscellaneous Randomness:
Great, I have a bunh of funny clips
I got a 2nd clip FFA Over 2
DaxSeven09 wrote:
Sweet! Submitting to ensue more funny than anything.
Okay, so it took me a while. Here ya go:

I don't make a lot of clips mainly because I don't really think about it. If something amazing is happening all I am thinking about is not dying so a lot of these are kind of old. Anyway, on a complete side note. I don't really deal with either, and after looking through a bunch of my clips I realized that place is a ridiculous ad-fest! I guess I am just getting old. I have no tolerance for ads all around my window of a clip.

I sure hope I can make it in at some point. I plan on watching HWC, and if I see...DaxSeven09's clip...damn it will be too much, for real.
Apparently I had quite a few cool clips, I've tried to narrow it down so these are actually worthwhile. I'll just start of with some epic shenanigans.
A clean extermination:

Me finishing this fight!:

Gun-goose, the anti-armor and anti-air weapon of choice:

Funny clips:
Railgun doesn't cut it? Try Spartan Punch!:

Team-mates, who needs 'em?:

If you're still watching these, here's a couple bonus clips:

When triple-team Slayer turns into SWAT:

Ice-cold Ninja!:

Baiting the Nornfang in Super Fiesta:
HCS Overkill Exterm
Pretty simple one. Was playing Grifball when I got my first Killionaire medal, and kept going at it. Unfortunately, I got kicked mere seconds after getting it. Killionaire Kick - -triple kill snipe to stop flag carrier and later snipes driver
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  • Bob and Weave Nice three piece to secure a point in Strongholds.
  • You can't hide Spot and invisible enemy while holding the Oddball and get the kill
  • Baited Nice barrel kill
  • Danger Close Got a call top Rocks and saved my teammate with a close snipe shot
  • That's my Hog Defend my hog from several boarders
  • Hello There Caught a Corner Camper by surprise
That's just a few I could find
Okay, a few more clips from me:
EDIT: fixed the link with the "3 vs. 1" clip
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