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OP StrongSide

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Perfect Round Extermination
StrongSide wrote:
Hey everyone! We want your best (or your funniest) Halo 5 clips! Our team will put together a series of community montages for the Halo World Championship 2018 broadcasts with all the top submitted clips.

All you have to do is post the link to your Xbox DVR clip with a description of what happens in the clip here and our team will take a look through them!

As a heads up, we'll stop taking submissions for the HaloWC 2018 Orlando Open broadcast on February 5. But continue submitting your clips to possibly be featured in future events!
Hey StrongSide! How do you create the one click hyperlinks on the forum?
- sick Killing Frenzy in HCS FFA to come back in the game with an back to back trippel to end up in an Overkill
- Killtrocity in HCS on Strongholds Plaza
- Sick trippelkill in HCS turns almost in to an overkill on CTF Fathom
- Overkill in HCS on Strongholds Rig
- clean up Overkill in HCS on CTF Coliseum
- Killtacular in HCS on Oddball Truth
- Killtrocity turns almost into an Jaro in super fiesta on Plaza
- sick Overkill on Truth in HCS to save the flag carrier
- Overkill on Empire in HCS Strongholds to save the win
Check those clips out check this triple kill luck or skill? sick overkill clutch fast overkill 1 Spartan 1 core
From third to first in HCS FFA in the last 30 seconds to win the game. getting a triple and unofficial over. :
triple kill and a perfect out for a 4th kill in HCS FFA:
Double kill for the start then a huge reversal out play for a triple kill HSC FFA:
5 kills in less than 30 seconds, good perfects and out play also showing really good agressiveness for a over kill in HCS FFA:
Here's a silly recent one:
  1. Good ol' vehicle physics
  2. Infection clusterluck
  3. Banshee bombs (recorded in February 2016)
Perhaps we could broaden the horizon to include other Halo games, yeah?
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Using a banshee to flip a warthog across all of Altar:

Swatting a fly!!!

Swatting a fly!!! Actually I was in a magnum battle with one guy and I ninja another guy mid shot and finish the other kill with a headshot!
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