anyone have a weapon/gun in SWAT that they do bad with? Mines the dmr.
Mine is the DMR too. Sometimes the Halo CE Magnum as well.

I wish they kept the Carbine in SWAT but with the high rate of fire I can see why they didn't.
H5 BR & H1P, shooting blanks
Can I have the silenced Tacmag, pretty please. with a caramel on top?
Everytime I used to get SWAT dmr on Halo 5, I just go full MLG

But the H5 Br swat is my least favourite
I struggle the most with the Battle Rifle and CE Magnum.
DMR and magnum like reach

im bad in it and i hate it.. when i get swatnum game , i am camping all game.
i have a problem with close range with the halo 5 BR...and the halo 5 magnums. other wise im good. im the halo 4 one shot magnum gunner...muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Can't stand the BR. Love, love, LOVE every pistol.
Mine is the Halo CE Magnum, however I haven’t played SWAT in a while but I remember not doing well with it
H5 br is broken and the h2 br has too much aim assist and makes players camp scoped in watching a site line and slows the game down too much