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SWAT headshots

OP GamerPro0510

Do SWAT headshots count towards the in Your Face spartan company commendation? A member of my company said they don't so I don't want to waste my time in SWAT
No idea where your company member got that, but they definitely count. That's how one of the companies I was previously in grinded out our last few headshot kills when working towards the helmet.
Yes they count. They are headshots!
I was under the impression that you had to break shields in order for the headshot to count towards the commendation. My test a couple years back was flawed. I retract my statement.
As long as you get the headshot medal it counts.
You should also consider playing (Shotty) Snipers to get those headshots as well. It's a nice way to mix things up.
Mine in SWAT have all counted. On our company discord server we have a bot we can use to check stats. I use it to track my headshots and standard weapon kills.
Any headshot counts (including sniper headshots). As long as they are against enemy Spartans