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Tale of ScoutHog guy, a Matador & Spartan Charger


“That player is nasty!!”
That was the conclusion I made after watching a replay of a match.
Skirmish at Darkstar, Legendary.

Round 1 knight bosses. A guy brings in a scout hog into enclosed space trying so hard to splatter knights without success. Round is over, I was looking for the scattershot of the knights, and scout hog guy is trying to splatter me, breaking my shield up to 3 times. I kept jumping out of the way, all the time thinking they were trying to find their way out of the enclosed space, and I was in their way.

Round 4 defend generators. I was in a ghost, there was a mantis & a wasp inside the generator area defending with all we had. This guy comes along and keeps spartan charging into my ghost. I kept avoiding them, thinking I was in their way or I had done something wrong. So instead of defending, I spent more time avoiding nasty guy. Until I was killed and nasty guy who had been following me around like a plague jumps into my ghost. Well, he only had the ghost for a few seconds because we lost the round.

So out of curiosity, to find out why nasty guy was all over me, I went to theatre mode to re-watch the game.

First of all, spartan charging guy of round 4, was the same scout hog guy from round 1!
  1. I wasn’t in the way of scout hog guy, he was actually trying to run me over like Mr Mercedes. Even after I clambered out of the enclosed area, he climbed after me with the scout hog.
  2. scout hog guy lost interest in me, after seeing other splatter-able people, he ran at least one spartan over.
  3. next round, he pushed a ghost down the side of the cliff with the scout hog – this was the only good thing he did in the game
  4. next, he was trying to push a ghost down the cliff again, however, a fellow spartan hijacked the ghost from the elite.
  5. scouthog guy was still trying to push team member in the ghost down the cliff. Spent the rest of the round in a head locked like a bull fight trying to push the ghost down the cliff. Ghost guy escapes from the headlock, and scouthog guy falls down the cliff. Hooray!
  6. former scouthog guy comes back with a vengeance and was spartan charging every spartan. Finally has a spartan cornered inside an enclosed area. And kept spartan charging this guy for the rest of the round. Innocent guy plays possum as the barrage of charges continue. Start of round 4, innocent guy makes a break for it, with nasty guy in pursuit.
  7. innocent guy and nasty guy arrive in generator area, nasty guy turns his attention on my ghost and continues charging at me till the end of the game.
After watching the replay, the conclusion was that that guy was nasty, and was the first time I blocked & reported anyone.

Note: ScoutHog guy, The Matador & the Spartan Charging Guy are only characters in my tale and are not gamertags, in fact they represent the same person.
haha good tale
ScoutHog guy here, didn't like the way you looked at me Round 1. Just kidding deff wasn't me haha