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OP GreatGuardsby

Hello all,

I wanted to ask if anyone else is getting much more “Slayer” games in the “Team Arena” Playlist.

I am always one to stick out a game even if I’m the last one on the team getting destroyed. I stay in the game to promote not leaving it.

Recently I’ve had a very disproportionate amount of Slayer to Objective games and I decided to leave them until I got a an objective based game. I got 3 slayer games in a row and left each, then got put in timeout.


Thank you
Given that you can play Slayer on most, if not all, maps in the Team Arena rotation while CTF and Strongholds are only played on a few, you are statistically more likely to play a Slayer game versus any other game type.
Thank you @Afro Thunda X,

I can definitely see that being the case.

I also wonder if there’s a way the program could affect that.

I guess what I’m looking for is something like a “suggestion box” 🙂 do you or anyone else know of something like this?

Thank you
The new “Core” playlist on social is fantastic.

problem solved.

Thank you