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The Custom Browser is an absolute mess.

OP GoldNSpartan21

I just recently got back into halo 5 after reinstalling via game pass. One of the reasons i stopped playing it for so long was that my disk broke. Basically the only thing i play now is custom games considering that the rest of the game has gotten pretty stale for me at this point. I always knew long ago when it was implemented that the game browser and custom games were a mess but good lord, i did not know they were this bad.

1. Its a complete toss up whether you actually join a game or not. I can’t tell you the hundreds of times I have tried to join a match that clearly have spots open yet i never load into the game and it spams me with error messages until i have to find another one. The only games i can ever join are the ones with little to no people. This leads me into another reason.

2. The player count in each custom game is widely inaccurate. I cant name how many times I've joined a game that says something like “10/16” (just an example) yet when i enter it says the lobby is full. It’s like the main menu of the custom browser showing player counts is extremely behind in keeping track.

3. The game freezes literally any time somebody leaves, and sometimes the game freezes so badly that i have to close out of the game and restart it through the xbox. I want to say this happens around every 1 out of 10 times.

4. When a game ends, the game has a chance of freezing when you’re exiting the carnage report. If i exit the carnage report too quickly the game freezes, and and i end up having to do the same thing i explained above in number 3.

I know my complaints are most likely not new and i know this has been an ongoing thing. But seriously. This is ridiculous. I went back into halo 5 feeling hyped to get back into it. Then I remember that the only thing i enjoy playing in the whole game anymore is completely busted. I know none of this is going to be fixed considering that halo infinite is well on its way and that halo 5 is something of the past now, but i hope to god that if 343 ever implements something similar into halo infinite, i hope they actually take their time to get it right.