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The December update - Facts and Speculation

OP HomcidalNacho

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I've been surprised by the amount of people who aren't aware of the details of the December update or the amount of people who don't know about it. So I thought I'd do a post stating its contents - as of the forth of November, 2015.

The first major update coming to Halo five is set to release in December, the specific date of release is unknown as of right now.
Bug fixes and balancing updates are most likely to occur before December.

Changes to Warzone.
  • New REQ weapons and vehicles
Core game
  • Forge
  • New Maps
  • Game modes / Playlists
Game modes
  • Big Team Battle
Unconfirmed - but likely addition / rumored
  • File browser
  • Game modes and playlists for casual as well as Arena (Grifball has already been hinted to)
  • Gravity Hammer
Warzone Legendary weapons
  • Pistol - Halo: CE Magnum - Halo: CE design and audio - Power is identical to the original H:CE pistol
  • Rocket Launcher - Classic Halo Rocket Deign - Power is unknown
  • Blood Gulch/ Basin for Big Team Battle, that is made in forge
  • Deadlock, made in forge
  • Guillotine, made in forge
  • Recurve, made in forge
Forge (compared to previous games)
  • Improved UI
  • Improved Control Scheme – Revised controls which speeds up the building process.
  • Multi-Select/Edit – Users can select and manipulate up to 64 individual objects at one time (more if combined with Groups)
  • Free Camera – The camera no longer snaps to objects being edited.
  • Grid/Rotation Snaps – Switch between multiple grid/rotation snap settings quickly to help align objects perfectly with each other.
  • Precision Editing – Precision editing returns to enable fine tuning of object placement.
  • Smart Magnets – Magnets no longer snap objects while moving them around. Instead they draw connection lines between magnets that will snap when the input is released.
  • Grouping – Groups can be created dynamically with a single button press.
  • Welding – Grouped objects can optionally be welded to their “parent” object. This allows them to all physically move around together; make a soccer ball with traffic cone spikes that rolls around, or attach a weapon pad to a larger animating object.
  • 1600+ Objects
  • Projected Terrain Pieces – Objects change textures depending on locations
  • Multi-Budget System
  • Higher Object Count
  • Soft Budgets – Some budgets are “soft” meaning they can be exceeded but will cause visual artifacts/anomalies.
  • Three forge canvases - Glacier (Snow Map), Space (Name TBD, but it's in space), Alpine (A plains map, Orion and Pegasus is made on this map)
  • 100+ colours - Primary, Secondary and tertiary customisation.
  • Scripting - Nearly all items can be scripted to change colours or what not depending on in game actions.
Req Packs
  • Skins/variants - 7 weapon skins
  • Vehicle variants - 16 variants all up [for Mongoose, Gungoose, Scout warthog, Warthog, rocket turret Warthog, Scorpion and Mantis]
  • 6 new helmet and chest pieces
  • 2 new armor sets
  • 1 new visor
  • 7 new emblems
  • 1 new assassination
If I left anything out just let me know and I'll fix this

My sources -
  • General lurking on Twitter
  • The sprint -
  • Forums -
  • Waypoint news -
Please bump so people can see this!

Before anyone complains - It is a shame we have to wait for this to come out, but at least we're receiving these instead of being left in the dirt.
Cool, thanks for this.
Im liking this alot I hope they add more maps to warzone
good to know Forge will be worth the wait.
anything about the weapon lowering thing?
Awesome list, thanks for making it! I was speculating on what would be added with friends earlier, but none of us knew for sure outside Forge, so this certainly helped solidify our thoughts.
anything about the weapon lowering thing?
It's already in the game.
Look at this for in-depth help for it
Bump <3
anything about the weapon lowering thing?
It's already in the game.
Look at this for in-depth help for it
i meant the animation. It doesn't show up in third person on theater. unless they fixed it.
This seems awesome! Thanks
In for the SPNKr of course.
Very informative. Thank you! I hope to see exciting things with forge in December!
The video with the SPNKR also had a clip of the Gravity Hammer, might also be coming as a Mythic item in December.
Damn you beat me to this post. I just posted a much more simple version of this, before realizing u did.
Ability to pick your data centre!
Wait, so are you saying we can't yet get Mythic weapons from Req packs?
You mentioned multiple maps twice. Speaking of maps, have we heard anything at all about what will be included, map wise, in the december update? I think listing Blood Gulch is a little misleading. They did forge BG, but I believe they mentioned it was an internal thing, and I don't remember them confirming it will be in BTB. Even if it is, I think you should mention that it's a forge map so people don't get confused.
Blood Gulch for MM
please no, just no. no
I'm sorry but blood gulch and its successors are some of the worst maps in Halo.
If a Big Team]map is gonna be remade, Remake, Exile, Colossus, or anything but blood gulch/coagulation/Valhalla/ragnarok
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