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The Legendary Grind to SR152

OP DirtierDan117

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Really grinding now as well. I'm at 148 so figured I'd pop back onto H5 to get to 152. Though once I get there it'll be Halo: Reach all day, every day!
Reading all these posts helps boost my confidence to reaching 152
Gods must be strong.
Hey all, been wanting to make this post for awhile now. I don't have a reason why aside from keeping myself accountable really. But anyways...

I am grinding hard to SR152. Like, really really hard. I always wanted to be a halo completionist and this is one major thing I gotta do. And my goal is to do it before Halo Infinite releases. Now here is the crazy part, I am only SR105. I have been grinding for about 3 weeks now and made my way from SR29 to here with about 3 million XP gained over 3 weeks. I have set a goal of getting 1 million XP per week over the course of about a year. Why a year?

Well according to my calculations if I continue to earn about 1 million XP per week it will take me 329 days, or about 47 weeks, to hit 50 million XP and that oh so sweet SR152. If I were to round that up to year to account for random things which keep me away from Halo (because I do have a life, I swear), then I estimate about a year. Luckily for me Halo Infinite comes out in a little over a year, because this is not holiday season.

But somehow I have to keep myself motivated to keep doing this. Because every time I read a post online about grinding this out, people say it is too late. That may be true. But I am still gonna try. I am 100% willing to spend countless hours of my life on this simply because I love Halo. And besides, have y'all heard of audiobooks? Amazing. I consider myself to be a lore fanatic but I actually haven't read all the books. I eventually plan to purchase every piece of Halo media, hard cover, but for right now I cannot. But luckily 343 places emphasis on good narrators. Did you know they actually got Tim Dadabo (voice of 343 guilty spark) to read a book? They add music and effects in and everything.

Listening to music, halo books, halo podcasts, or anything really keeps the grind interesting. I have played Halo since I was 4 years old. I think now I can finally expand on my love for the games and doing this grind has proven to make me quite happy and feel accomplished every time I hit that 1 million for the week. Most of my grinding is done on the weekend, since work keeps my week mostly occupied. But regardless, this is a great experience for me personally.

I will keep this post updated on my progress on the grind. Currently heroic firefight and Halo 3 Classic (i hit diamond 1 for one single game. Then back down to platinum RIP) are my favorite grind gametypes. My gamertag is DirtierDan117, SR137 and I am currently at 6,001,630 XP as of 07 July 2019

Is anybody else out there grinding hard for this? Any words of encouragement (or discouragement lol)? Any questions in general or tips for me?
I grind arena im 147 and even tho i only get about 1000 exp per match ill buy booster with the mooney i gget
Lets go for that 152 man you can do it
Save your money to buy boster pack instead of normal packs once you have everything. Advice
I’m at 149 with 3M to go until I hit 150. I took over a year off then jumped back in around Christmas. The grind is long and can be pretty tedious after closing out all of the in game commendations so I just joined a Spartan Company (Jimmbabwe) to try to work towards the Achilles armors.

I sell all the REQ stuff outside of rare or better boosts, rockets, blood of suban, typhons, nornfangs, tanks, wasps, ghosts, & phaetons for Warzone. Everything else gets recycled. I try to play the featured lists most often since they give more XP. You just have to mix it up or else you’ll go crazy, especially in Warzone bc it’s easy to get a bad team and get steamrolled.
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