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[Locked] The Official Splitscreen Thread v2

OP Ka Five

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omg, this game is worst in every next info about it... i still don't see the point why they need to remove split screen? i don't believe that trivial explanation like 60 fps is the only reason i just dont get it :/
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To anyone who thinks 343 Industries cut splitscreen from 'Halo 5' just to cash in/be lazy/ruin your day/ are Frank O' Connor's most recent posts on NeoGaf on the subject:

[link 1]
[link 2]
[link 3]

I've been following Mr. O'Connor's activity on this site for nearly 2 years now in order to keep up with Halo news straight from a dev's mouth, and I can say I've hardly ever seen him be this verbose. It's obvious from the tone of his text that they took the removal of splitscreen very seriously and still are, and are feeling just as bad as fans about it too. I'd be willing to bet it was Microsoft from the very beginning that was pushing them and pushing them to make 60fps the priority above all else - so they did what their bosses told them to do, while trying to still keep splitscreen or obviously they wouldn't have talked about having plans for it months ago. However in the end the new engine they built couldn't meet the big-wig's performance specifications and release date with splitscreen, and so it had to be cut (with potential for a post-launch update). But now they're committed to making the single-screen experience absolutely worth it. The people who work at 343i certainly don't hate Halo, and don't just ignore the desires of the series' fans, but in the end they are still subject to certain demands set forth by their publisher. People on here can express their disappointment, refuse to buy the game, or whatever else because that's their right as the consumer. But dooming the franchise as a whole and accusing the developers of "killing" something they're working day-in and day-out to bring to the public at the best quality possible is just downright unreasonable and immature. As I've said before, if so many people think making a AAA FPS with every single feature they could possibly want is so easy, then go ahead and go out and do it yourself.
Reposting these links because I'm seeing a lot of people bashing 343i again without even trying to see both sides of the situation...
Because in long run, there are no 2 sides of the situation. We're waiting for Halo game and we'll be paying 60euro for Halo game, not 343i's excuses of why they'll fail to deliver. It was 343i fault to chose certain technology without even thinking if that technology allows them to create sterling Halo game. They had all the signs that split screen is causing them trouble, not just with Halo 4, but MCC as well, but instead of improving things in this matter, they chose to implement it to Halo 5 very late in developing cycle - TOO late that is (for their own schedule). They've failed miserably and it's their job to fix their mistakes.

They still have few months - time that's enough for other AAA developers to fix framerate-related issues (AC:Unity, Borderlands Pre-Sequel etc.).
If theres no splitscreen, its a rental for me. Only reasons i buy n keep games, is to play them many times with friends n familly in splitscreen. Plz bring back splitscreen, u are our only last hope !
This is crap 343... no split-screen? I don't give a hoot about 60 fps... your damn 60fps can go jump off a cliff... if you remove that critical feature it will die a slow and painful death. it will be like removing the heart of all that is fun about halo and hoping it can keep breathing. I came into the gaming world with this game and have grown to absolute love it with your last release why did you have to ruin it for me and countless others.
BigDog579 wrote:
Why 343 and Microsoft?? :'((((( Why? Please put splitscreen back! I want to play with my siblings! This means there's basically no way to play Halo 5 offline except for the campaign if you think about it! This is like taking splitscreen out of super smash bros. or mario kart. Please please put splitscreen back!!!! This is the one game I thought forever would have splitscreen. How does battlefront and call of duty have it but not Halo 5? Halo is the one that inspired those games to have splitscreen. PLEASE BRING BACK SPLITSCREEN! Halo 5 will be trashed by the public if splitscreen isn't in the game!!!
...and campaign is designed to be played in coop! All signs in heaven and earth tells, this is going to be the worst Halo game in history. That + troublesome situation of Xbox One... So no, Halo 5's not going to do "just fine".
Wow - so Halo five is not even going to have half the console base that halo 3 had, and its limited to single player only, and... at a time when console sales are atrocious outside the USA? This really is going to be the worst performing Halo yet. 15 year old american boys might like top graphics at the cost of everything else, but thats not going to sell games anywhere else on a platform that is performing badly in other markets. If you have 10 friends that play console games, and you're the only one with an xbox, Halo five is going to be freaking anti-social - that is an incredibly bitter pill to swallow if you've loved the social aspects of the previous games.

Thinking about this further, I don't think microsoft has played any part in the decision to push fidelity over gameplay, I think this is 343's doing themselves. There is no-way Microsoft would want to put restrictions like this on their flagship title when sales are so poor in most parts of the world. This decision won't sell consoles in Europe, Asia and Australia\New Zealand where market penetration is low already, and its most likely not going to sell more consoles in North America anyway given most die-hard Halo fanboys already have a console.
This is exactly what I've been trying to tell the fanboys on here that think Halo 5 will sell 6-8 (and in one deluded case case, 10) million copies.
So for my wife and I to sit down at night and play even just one level together, is going to cost us, let's see, at least an extra thousand dollars! (AU, a second xbox one and a new decent tv aren't exactly a small purchase).
Since halo 2 (3 arrived not long after we were together), we've played together, celebrated together and ultimately, had fun together. It could've been in black-and-white for all it mattered.
Really feel that they're missing a trick here... Halo has always been the stalwart for multiplayer gaming.
Local games are what set it on the path to success. Single player-only is what will slide it back into the background, no matter how shiny it looks.
Every time our friends are over, Halo is in the drive. We can't do that anymore either.
Simply put, I want to love Halo 5... and my wife wants to as well... but that just can't happen now. Thanks a lot.
When you have a big franchise that has a feature like this in every version of the game, when you take it away it hurts it. People have grown to expect this, get on the MCC collection in any playlist that allows split screen guests and you'll them in that playlist pretty quick if not right away.

IMO this was a huge huge huge blunder. I'm voting with my dollars and not pre-ordering or purchasing Halo 5 on launch day.
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