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The Playlist Everyone wants... probably

OP ADeliciousMango

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Oddball, official CTF playlist, King of the hill, there's many more I want than just action sack but I'd still enjoy having it. I'm still waiting for 343 to finish "gathering data" before they finally add a permanent playlist.
See, here's my problem...

I loved some of the modes in every iteration of action sack. You know, the unique ones like hockey, paintball, etc. But it was always ruined by the stuff like Rocket slayer, shotty snipers, shotgun slayer (ugh), etc.

Without a voting option for action sack I don't think I would ever touch it. It would be too much dashboarding.
SpitFlame wrote:


Well, when you say it like that...
A little more highbrow:

Wacky game types + no stat tracking = good times!
Barvo pls, we need the sack
yes please, this.
I love it when sacks are full of action. BRING IT BACK! There are plenty of community made team-based minigames that would be perfect for the playlist like Ro Sham Bo and Gondola Wars.
Nooga wrote:
Most important playlist in Halo history. It should have priority to any othercplaylist they could add.
You must be joking.
I need Oddball and KotH in matchmaking before anything else. Oddball is my favorite game mode in all of Halo.
And Rocket Race!
Bring it back
Sack is love. Sack is life.
The Sack should be one of few constants in life. It has always been good. Even in H4, dare I say.
On mcc I was able to get in a match of H4 Lightening flag. I noticed that guess what ? You couldn't sprint. However the base movement was increased to compensate. It was really fun. I got my highest ever score on any halo game ever with 62 kills with only 30 deaths. It was awesome.
sack is great miss it so much halo 4s sack was great too
The action sack I miss the most is Halo 3, but any sack will do!
i think I played it one time and stopped after that. It was really boring lol. I don't understand the outcry for a social playlist. If you want to just screw around or play without care why not do so in a ranked playlist or warzone lol
Because you get people tryharding when you are just trying to have fun. That just kills all the fun you have, nobody likes to get pooped on. It also drags down their team, I don't want to lose a game of ranked multiplayer because someone decided just to mess around the entire game and not play to win.
I just want classic
Naw, I want AWATT! (All wasps all the time)
Possible game modes that could be implemented to Halo 5 playlists currently.
  • Strongholds
  • Capture The Flag
  • One Flag CTF
  • Fiesta
  • Assault
  • Oddball
There are seven modes that are already in the game and provided as an option for custom game. Why do you guys think 343 is not adding their playlists?
I also think Oddball and KotH are very important to put in Arena,but that's besides the point
Team Objective comes before Action Sack for me, but yes it's my second most wanted playlist.
Same here
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