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The Sound of Halo 5

OP Zakk Wylde

I still can't get over the sound of this game! It's unreal. My biggest complaint of the entire series before 343 took over is the guns just sound neutered. Nothing had a 'pop'. Halo 4 blew my mind with it's meticulous sound. It sounded like I was reloading the needler in person. Halo 5 was even better. Honestly, it's a big reason why I keep coming back to the game. It's super fun but full of pros at this point and I'm a lone wolf added to teams playing solo for games here and there. The sound of just shuffling around to get to a spot and sliding in then reloading and hearing that 'clink'. It's the best! Nothing comes close and I've played bad games for a long time just cause I loved the sound design. It's the most overlooked part of gaming. All the loot crates and packs and rewards... seriously, who cares? It's a game but that's my opinion. I have 60 'packs' to open and like 100k in credits. Does nothing for me. If I could give them to someone I would.

I read O'Connor said they were going the 'realistic' route with Halo 6 and that sounds flat out awesome! I'm sure it will look stunning on the XBX. And here's hoping Sprint will come back. That was a killer video series on Halo Waypoint.

Go Halo 6! (and seriously shouldn't we seeing a trailer by now??)
Some sounds sound nice in the game, but I think it' the weakest sound effects of the series so far. Some weapons like the plasma pistol and gravity hammer (sounded amazing in 3, sounded very powerful imo) sound off to me.

As for the reqs, I'm growing on the system. At least for permenant reqs wise.

(Not to mention, Imma check the BR once my update is done)

Yep, can' wait til 6 either. I believe I've heard they wanna show the trailer or tell any news closer to the release date, rather than months before or something. :3
Yet you didn't use any arguments or specific examples, just the standard "it sucks! MEH!"