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These are very sad times...


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K/D is more important than the penalty.

People should fill those spots faster so you don't notice the absence of ´players.

I hate bannhammer already, please dont make it worse, I have free choice of leaving a game for what ever reason I want I shouldn't be penalized for it to begging with, at least not for "social" play list
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Walrificus wrote:
is this some kind of prank
people have been doing this since the existence of videogames
it is nothing new
Lol I was just gonna say..
GODz Viper wrote:
I'm pretty sure this has been a thing since Halo 5's release. Not entirely sure, but pretty sure.
I've found the tweet where he said that, and after readind his profile on Linkedin where there's written he is the multiplayer designer at 343i, I really think you're right, he is one of the firsts to blame if those maps lack of creativity and fun.
Once we were losing by 400–600 points (can't remember the exact number), and then by divine intervention we had a sudden comeback and won.
SpitFlame wrote:
Once we were losing by 400–600 points (can't remember the exact number), and then by divine intervention we had a sudden comeback and won.
Praise The Sun XD
Huh. Its almost as if leave penalties don't actually do anything. Well, except lower halo 5s population.
If the game was actually fun for players on the loosing side people wouldn't leave. All you try hards seem to think people leave because they are loosing because you believe that winning is the only thing that matters. When in reality people play games for fun.

Ps- Spartan charge, br 3 hit kill, extremely accurate looong range guns, AR headshot, paper vehicles, hit scan, cannot actually miss with snipers, ground pound, energy bayonet, melee bleed, etc.
You know what I do make myself feel funny Halo videos such as this one!
It takes the stress of losing matches man! :)
Mate, I don't feel the stress of losing matches, it happens to all of us. But for people to up sticks and leave, it's just disappointing to see that not many people care about those they leave behind who are faithful to the end.

People can guess on a game being 50/50 win or lose as that's simple, just when people can't commit to it and have zero consequences to leaving, it just makes it more enticing to just say "BUH BYE!"

Which is why some more severe punishment should be rolled out. But we all know it won't.
It almost seems to me that people don't care or the penalty for leaving just isn't severe enough.

Nothing to do with the severity of the penalty. People just don't care anymore.

Honestly, neither do I anymore. I used to get upset, but it's now over a year of Halo, and I'm getting burnt out. I don't think it will help halo populations much if you increase the severity - it will just encourage people to move on. I know for a fact that I have less than half my friends still playing H5; most have already drifted over to Gears 4 or back to Destiny.

I'm counting my pennies at the moment, but the instant I see gears 4 or titanfall 2 on sale, I'll be waving bye to halo (until 6...)
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