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Things not unlocking.

OP Renrut95

Can anyone help me? I have been trying to unlock the Nightfall armor because the ODST look is my fave armor. Of course to do this you have to watch all of Halo: Nightfall. I have done this several times now. I unlocked the armor but for some reason it wont unlock the helmet. Even though in Halo Channel it says I have. Help? Or even if anyone knows how to get ahold of 343 that would be great. Thanks guys :)

It's a known glitch for the helmet and armor. It randomly locks itself back up sometimes.
I'm having a similar issue.. I watched Nightfall (bought Halo MCC) and all the second stories on the Halo channel on XBOne, and it shows that I got all the rewards in the app, but the armor or helmet hasn't unlocked in Halo 5.