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Tips and tricks to get past lag!


Ok so I have read through the forum’s for halo 5 and most games f it is covering the lag. Everyone hates it I know. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get past lag! And I will list the main causes of lags and crashes at the bottom!


1. the sounds of life! Ok so when the game lags your screen freezes into one place, am I right? Well constantly moving and doing anything that makes noise tells you. That you haven’t crashed. And it will likely unfreeze! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED YOU UNFROZE LOL! BUT if you do not hear anything at all when you freeze well you crashed. MISSION FAILED YOU’ll GET EM’ NEXT TIME!

2. boost your way out! Ok everyone is familiar with pressing the button ‘B’ to boost, well when you boost an FX effect happens on the screen when you boost, it also has to generate more stuff than in under a second. Well if you freeze and you can still move as explained in TIP 1 boosting will override the lag because the game has something better to do than lag you the heck out!

3 the beautiful buttons X & A! If you lag and your game hasn’t crashed yet constantly spamming X & A WILL unfreeze you unless you have already crashed.

4. Quitter... if your game has crashed or lagged what you can do is go to the home page on your Xbox go to the task bar that shows manage app/game whatever you want to call it, and find a button that says quit game. It will instantly shut the game down and you can restart your game and rejoin it with a friend.


1. Players who leave the game in custom games and forge

2. spawning a large prefab that takes a long time to fully generate or is too big when you move it all at once

3. glitchys... when you shoot it at once enough or a lot it will cause a lag. It has a wide range of side effects like glitched body’s to the point your free to move but can’t shoot and your body changes it’s armor randomly to Fotus and players just see you float by but your moveing. And I once tried and it made the map like space even though it was on alphine. I could punch a body, gun, vehicle, and props and they would float like halo 4 space! It can also crash if you do a script with FX! Pressing a button that spawns too many explosion FX’s at once can crash your game

Please understand I’m using my iPhone XR and it has a small key pad so stuff will be weird.
This doesn't seem like lag. It's more like glitches and freezing.
The dude above me got it right. What you are describing is not lag and your tips are not exactly helpful with actual lag. Check out my thread on damage and lag. You will see what I mean.