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To all pros, what sensitivity and control setting?

OP A1pha Dre

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I have found 2 sensitivity and 3 accel with default to work best for me. I am mainly an FFA player. Any tips for FFA?
I wouldn’t consider myself a pro, but I just wanted to provide you with two articles that might answer your question.

Pro sensitivity

Pro controller settings
Im a low diamond but I play 3.15 and 3.15 for sensitivity and acceleration
Hell jumper ftw
it gives you the ability to scope so fast compared to clicking the right stick
plus having the combination of left bumper for jump and left stick crouch strafe is so fluid to use.,
Sensitivity: 5 to 6
Acceleration: 0
Dead Zones: 0 (or closest to 0%)
If you have a paddle controller:
thruster on the left paddle I use melee on the right
Kontrol freek Fps galaxy or Overwatch edition on the right thumb stick
I use Recon as it is similar to the clssic Halo Games and lets you transition well with most shooters. I use 6 Horisontal and 5.5 Vertical Senstivity, decently fst, but lets me make touch adjustments hen at range
i’ve been using bumper jumper for a while now, and it seems to work with 4 sensitivity and 2 acceleration, it seems slow but it works for me
Yo creo que con la sencivilidad al 5 es más que suficiente
I use the standard out of box Halo control setup. Probably one of many reasons I get waxed by 50% of the community when I play. A good loss you can really feel.
5 for sensitivity and 7 for look acceleration
7 and 7 with boxer settings
Wish you luck, my sensitivity is maxed out.
my accuracy is pretty good until they start boosting and dashing. im on default settings
5 Horizontal
5 Vertical
Default 'max' is 10 horizontal 5 vertical but I just cant stand having twice the sens going up and down.
Button layout:
Honestly personal preference, but I use Recon for mythic arena and other classic modes, and default for everything else.

Hope this helps!
1 horizontal, 2.5 vertical, 5 accel,
0-5% deadzones overall,
Bumper Jumper,
Hold Clamber: ON
Auto Stabilize: OFF
2 paddles: Right side X for thrust, Left side Y for switch.
4 / Recon.
Button layout: Default (claw)
Sensitivity: 2.5 horizontal 3.5 vertical
Acceleration: 5
Deadzones: 1% inner 1% outer
Hi it's Illi,

I'm no pro but I can say that it is whatever you feel most comfortable with... To each their own.

I use an 8,1 accell, zero dead zones... But that is only bc I used to use a 10 and found it too fast.

I do recommend the 8 bc it gives a looser feel that works with the aim assist. I'd give it time but 7 seems to be fighting against the aim assist.

Nevertheless, whatever feels right to you.

Kind Regards,
I know this might not be the smartest idea, but since I kinda have quick reflexes, my sensitivity is maxed out. As for the setup, it’s default, but I have it much easier with the Elite Controller
I use 4/3.
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