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[Locked] Tournaments?

OP CruX M85

Meanwhile at work I'm daydreaming an thinking about the time I was playing Halo 3-5 competitive. Well Halo 3 is great and I know there are some tournaments for the Pro's and local/smaller tourneys BUT I'm done with Halo 3 and before this thread ends up in a modern/classic debate (this will never end); I'm asking you: Are Halo 5 tournaments still possible?

Tbh at this point I don't care about winning prizes.
It is just so much fun to be part of a tournament and compete against other players.

Do you know any websites, plattforms or people who are creating Halo 5 community tournaments (FFA, 2v2, 4v4) ?

If anyone wants to do some FFA Arena tourneys hit me up! Gamertag: CruX M85

Have a nice week!
Hey it sounds like I've got just what you're looking for. Now due note I'm not an admin for the league, I'm just a player. There's this community run league going on in H5. It's called the Halo Draft League. So far we're at the end of the first season and getting ready for season 2. Captains are chosen via a FFA tournament at the beginning of a season and then the remaining registered players are put in a pool. Captains "draft" players to teams. There are 5 players per team. Season 1 had 10 teams and it looks like season 2 will have 16 main teams and 6 lower league teams. Undrafted players will remain frwe agents and can be picked up at anytime throughout the regular season. Games are also streamed on

During Season One there were maybe 65 of us. Season 2 as of now has around 180 registered players waiting for the season to start.

Since we are very small there isnt a prize pool at the moment but the admins have just opened up a donation option to put money towards expanding the league. There is no cost to join the league what so ever.

If you're interested in joining then come on in the discord and get registered. Https://
Is the halo draft league still available to join?
Is the halo draft league still available to join?
Please don't revive old topics thanks