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Two good things about halo 5

OP AquaParrot51638

So i do realize that halo 5 had alot of major flaws, like not having splitscreen gameplay, not focusing on chief etc...
And so we all agreed on what was wrong with halo 5 and thank god 343i listened, now that we know that the "bad stuff" will be improved what about the good stuff ? For me i liked seeing fred, linda and kelly for the first time i also enjoyed sangehlios levels very much and i think gameplay was a lot better than halo 4's.
So everyone write two things you liked about halo 5 and see who shares your opinion ❤️, spread positivity.
Spartan Companies

H2BR and Action Sack........(which is now only a rotational playlist)
Here are some things I
H2BR as req 4
Extended Mag at req 2
Useable BR
Decent Randos (debatable though)
I like the gameplay and the introduction of the Hannibal vehicles
Positives for me include:
- Solid match making experience. Although there is the occasional stomping, I would say most games I've played have been fair and legitimate.
- Spartan Companies. I started mine back in March of 2017 and have made awesome friendships and have had some of the most fun Halo times in my life.
- Customization. While I like the idea of having the ability to fully customize, I also appreciate the shear amount of combinations one can come up with.
- Warzone. I know people will hate me for this one, but it's nice to take a break from Arena and call in some REQs. In particular, Turbo is a thing of beauty in my opinion.

I know people out there despise Halo 5, and I think it's somewhat unfair for all the criticism it receives. Yes, the campaign left much to be desired, but overall I feel like a solid game was produced and released free content along the way. I will temper my expectations for Infinite; however, I'm very curious to see what they keep from the Halo 5 days.
The pop noise when you get a kill.
The really cool weapons like blaze of glory and whiplash etc.
Warzone. Sometimes the matchmaking sucks but I just love the huge maps where you can work out strategies and such. In arena you're constantly in a firefight.
The magnun
The old br and dmr
the magnum
Wz assault (except when you get farmed as spawns are brutal)
Sound effects
req variants
  • The H2BR
  • Customs Browser
  • Customization
  • The OLD BR
  • Spartan Companies
  • More Variety of Medals
  • Forge
  • The Magnum
  • FFA