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Unable to find games recently

OP KahlilDubz

I can't be asked to write an essay. I can't connect to games anymore for some apparent reason.

Search preference: balanced
Location: UK

I cannot find any Slayer games currently and every game I've found recently (in any playlist) has taken about 15 minutes or longer to find where as this was never the issue previously!
Try expanded, it finds the quickest match, when ever balance doesnt find anything, expanded does for me
Imy having the same problem and expanded isn't really helping I'm also UK.

My Internet is 100% fine with every other games and platform but Halo 5 has recently just stopped giving me matches.
Same here! Again UK
My bad I didn't realise people had replied to this as I haven't been on for a couple days!
I figured in the mornings it's pretty much pointless trying to play this game but later in the evenings it's completely fine.
Must be a population issue I think.
Expanded is probably your best bet. It's currently between 3:18am-6:18am so atleast half of the game's population is asleep
Will deffo give it a try in the future If I'm having this problem again. Thanks!
I'm also in the UK and I also get this problem in the mornings, seems to fix itself for in the evenings / later afternoon. Infection game types I always find almost instantly though, I guess the game's suggestion that it's to do with population isn't far off the mark. Kind of shocking though, I've never played a game that has died enough that you can't find matches whenever you want in whatever list you want before the next game in series is released =/
Sucks that H5 Population is that low. I remember signing in at any time and getting a match right away. :(