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War zone firefight problems

OP XxTubLordxX

Okay I love the game mode but it needs some heavy tweaking for example

The amount of enemies that spawn around bosses is obscene I understand making it a challenge but why are there so many knights and soldiers flooding main pathways

Secondly fix the bosses for 5th rounds
Having deacon Pippa ANDROID THE two serpent hunters spawn after sucks. Along with knight banner men followed by 3 wardens. It isn't fun it makes the game nearly impossible to beat

Thirdly spawn times
30 seconds to spawn in round 5 is ridiculous I know you are getting punished for dying because you can't fight 8 knights with mythic health but I don't wanna wait around to play again. Maybe lower it down to 20 or something

Either way that's my rant. Let me know if I made points or if I'm spitting rhetoric
I think the only thing that has to be fixed, is the time that a round takes, it to small for some objectives, for example

1. Kill 75 Crawlers/Kill 50 Grunts on Darkstar
2. The Final round with Swarm Lords
3. Like 5 Solider Guards (Bosses), followed by 2 Warden Eternals, and 1 Mythic Warden
Spawn times / locations and the ammount of ammo you get, are my biggest problems!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed this
Yeah War Zone FF is frustrating. I also think the spawn times before round 5 is ridiculous. I'd rather have the spawn times increase by 5 every round, so round 2 is 10 seconds, round three is 15, and so on. I wish you could burn REQ levels to take off 5 seconds of spawn time.

Also if everyone is dead in round five with 30 seconds left, just auto-end the game. None of us are spawning, while make us sit there suffering to never resapwn while waiting for the clock to run out.

Also agreed on the enemies! Sucks that some of them don't even spawn until you defeat the mini-bosses, but they can take a good 2-3 minutes and then Wardens spawn and you only have 2 minutes (or less!) to try to kill them! And depends on the map, even the vehicles can't reach them, like if they're at the back of the bases...

Even the goals, like enemies spawning around the cores we have to protect when none of us are near it. At least pause the timer and health until one of us is within a certain range or something!
My main issue is the plasma and shade turrets on the Phantom dropships. Way too much damage.

This should go in the WZFF Feedback thread.
Spawn times are the biggest problem. Next to that is spawning in ridiculous locations. I would rather play the beta over and over instead of this. Even with the defend the garage round. Hopefully 343 will listen to us on this one, but the spawn time was a complaint in the beta, and they increased it, so pur our chances are not good.
Also the timer starts before bosses spawn