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Warzone Championship

OP Aether21

Has there been discussion of implementing a Warzone side of the Halo Championship series? I feel as if there is a large enough population that would want to participate. I also think it would be fun to watch.
Nothing has been discussed publicly, but I'm doubting it has ever been in consideration. There is a BTB showcase which will be played at the upcoming SXSW event though.
That's something I've wondered. I'd love to watch/play professional Warzone.
Competitive Halo has to have equal starts and be on a level playing field, so even if both teams had the exact same amount of req cards at the beginning, just the randomness of AI spawning on the map would make it unsuitable for pro-level competitive stuff.

Instead, they should have BTB tournaments. BTB combines fun heavy weapon and vehicle gameplay with equal starts, so it would be perfect for making competitive Halo much more accessible and interesting for people who get bored of bland, vehicle-free gameplay and pistol fights all the time.
I'd love to see it, but I'm not sure if a full tournament or league will happen.

If it did though, who would be on your dream team?