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Warzone crashing

OP city goat

So for the past 2 days I've been unable to play warzone because after around 2-5 minutes I get sent back to the warzone menu with no warning and no option to start a game. From there I can only access Spartan hub (My Spartan doesn't appear though) and Carnage report causing me to be stuck on the warzone menu.Is anyone experiencing this too and is there any solutions? (I've tried restarting the game, my Xbox, my internet and playing Arena)
I've been having this issue today... Can't finish a game anymore.
same problem, for 3 days fix? other game modes are fine (social fiesta)
Had this happen to me as well, 2 games in a row. I never reached the 10 minute mark in the game
Try hard reset of the console, especially before playing H5 or MCC
Die teamgrösse auf 6 spiefel in warzone zu beschränken is eine sauerei! so macht man spass am spiel und jeden sinn von einer spartan company kaputt! danke 343