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OP DominicanMVP23

Just curious. Do you get more XP for playing on legendary or is it the same as heroic?
You get more points in legendary but is harder, try to find someone or a team, you can win very easy with a decent team.
10 minutes ago I did 26-28k (not sure) in legendary ff darkstar (I got first place IA kills legendary boost)
my xp record is 36k in mythic with xp jackpot (15 minutes with team of 4)
good luck
It really depends... When I was on the xp grind what I did is write down how much xp I got and then how long it took to get that xp (pay attention to the xp breakdown to factor in the boost). Then you can really see the most efficient way to get xp. Legendary may pay out more per game but time wise sometimes you can get two games of heroic in the time it takes for one game of legendary.