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Warzone NEEDS to have drivable Pelicans n' Scarabs

OP Scarlet Stab

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while it does sound kinda awesome on the paper,
i'm pretty sure even 4x. the size is waaay to small for such
big vehicles like scarabs and pelicans.
because you's not enough if they would fit in,
but they'd also veeery much space to make them useful, and more important, balanced.

it doesn't make sense add things for pure coolness, if they can't be implemented in a useful way.
Can we keep in mind that this was the same guy complaining about rock textures in high res images of spartans, with extremely detailed armor and vehicles. He specifically stated that they should spend time making sure the textures look good instead of focusing on things like BTB. And now, we need even more things on screen?
It really doesnt. Can we stop comparing past Halos to future Halos and believing in the fact that for some game to be "better" than the last one, it must contain everything that the last one did and then add more. Its getting stale real fast.
yea i know im done hearng of it i see any thread that speaks in comparison of ast halos to future halos its ok avoid because well who cares anymore no one forces you to lay ao 5 if you dont like it dont play it go lay halo 2 and if no one is playng halo 2 then dont get mad because no one wwants to play a game that came out freaking forever ago.
Pelicans I 100% agree with, but Scarabs being drivable goes against Halo Canon. In the canon the Scarabs that are drivable (Mining Scarabs, or the ones in H2/customm Edition) are no longer used in military operation, however the ones in H3 and most likely would've been still in use run off Lekgolo (Hunter Worms) not Human/alien interaction.
I agree with you OP this would be AMAZING. I can see how it would require much bigger maps and more engine resources to do this though. Maybe future dlc will add truly enormous maps that can support this feature
These vehicle have no practical purpose in matchmaking. They are too powerful, and frankly, too big. And I think OP is overestimating Elephant size. Maybe a Mammoth is as big as a Scarab, but not an Elephant. I mean an Elephant can barely hold two Warthogs.
Screw that, I want Longswords and Gundams like on Coldsnap.
Although it would be sweet, game balance is a problem
Warzone maps are big, but I don't think they are big enough to accomodate a scarab, let alone one for each team that players could control and move freely.
Well they could make a Warzone map catered to a UNSC vs. Covenant mode, in which the Covenant get a scarab and the UNSC gets some pelicans, hell maybe some Broadswords!

Just remembered. Elites aren't playable.
If it makes you feel any better, while you may not be able to drive them, you ride into a Warzone map in a Pelican :D

and for the Scarabs. i think maybe having a smaller one as a boss isn't too bad of an idea. but then there's balancing it, and making the map accommodate the scarab. buuuuut that's just my own opinion on the matter.
No maybe in a new side game or something though OP, like Halo Alliances and you can pick to fight for whatever side you like.
Honestly, this is something I've been saying for the last 2 years....Last-Gen couldn't handle it but the X1 definitely can. We need this 343i, you're our only hope.
No maybe in a new side game or something though OP, like Halo Alliances and you can pick to fight for whatever side you like.
How long will it take to earn a SCARB!
This post is just annoying, what ever anyone says you just revert to "but it worked well in Halo CE". It was a mod, so what if Bungie said it was okay, it was still a modified game. Neither the scarab or the pelican would work well in Matchmaking. For one the pelican would just be useless because who'd want to get into someone's pelican just to get to the other side without being any use to the team? It would be much easier to get into a ghost or a warthog with someone else and actually kill people in the process. As for the scarab, how would this even work... They'd have to run so many tests just to try and balance it out. I agree that a game mode where there is one team defending the scarab and another team attacking would be decent, but in a warzone game? Another thing, say both teams have a scarab. Everyone in the lobby is going to want to drive it so if you beat some one to it, they may leave just because they couldn't operate it.

It's also going to increase team killing, cause you may be killed for driving it when someone else wanted to or you could shoot the OP shot and kill a team mate by accident. If you can find a way to balance it or explain it fair enough but you cant you just say "it worked in Halo CE".
That would be crazy
What about the unsc Quad walker.
While this idea sounds awesome on paper, how are they gonna balance the scarab? Your gonna have to make the maps even larger then they are now. I can see it working for the pelican, but the scarab is gonna be a problem.
go to the halo ce and halo 2 maps those were huge mostly u needed at least 16 players and even then thy were big
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