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Warzone or Warzone Assault?

OP xD Zoe

Just curious to see what gamemode people prefer.

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I absolutely LOVE Warzone and prefer Warzone by a longshot especially since it has AI enemies and AI boss battles. That puts about 40+ players on the field for pure chaos. It is more of my game type and IMO a lot more fun. Warzone assault is fun too, but Warzone is a lot more fun to me with a lot more players.
Warzone Assault for me because its faster I don't find either game modes particularly fun but I can just play arena all the time XD
Warzone for sure.
I love both, just depends on my mood which one I play.
I prefer Warzone just because Warzone Assault seems heavily favored to the attacking team.
Classic Warzone is the best. I only played one game of Warzone Assault, and it's basically a sucky version of Invasion.
I don't think these two gametypes have anything in common other than the fact you can use reqs so I don't like that they both have warzone in the title.

That said, warzone assault is the far more streamlined gametype, and is far closer to being a finished product than warzone is. Warzone feels like a sandbox where you can go frolic as you please, but it's very easy to lose interest in the goal mid game, it's probably one of the first multiplayer FPS gametypes where I've ever wanted to quit not because of rage, but because I was actually bored mid-game. I think plain warzone would benefit greatly from even more players, and yes more AI type stuff. But, the whole AI aspect of it is sort of boring because it's the same guys showing up and standing at the same spots. It's almost just a race to complete a checklist more than an actual combat scenario.

I dunno, I'm not into regular warzone at all. Assault is an actual quality gametype.
Warzone assault is better 4 RP grinding. Warzone is just pure fun when u know what 2 do
Even though I enjoy both, I prefer Assault over the two. It's a chaos vs order kind of ordeal.

Standard Warzone is more chaotic with multiple primary and secondary objectives. It can be more difficult to win if your whole team is comprised of randoms, as no one uses coordination and communication.

Warzone Assault is less chaotic and more coordinated as the only objective is to either defend or attack. It's not as difficult to win with randoms as everyone has the same objective.
I pick assault cause it's bugs don't effect the game too much

Warzone assault
The core will just randomly get damaged with no one near it for some reason and the spawns some times spawn you so far away from the fight the enemy can catch the base before you can run to it. Some times as far as possible. I am wondering if it's an exploit cause it is only just started happening.

The kill recognition is messed up I get kills from Spartans and bosses with out ever damaging those enemies one bit.

I don't really bother with normal warzone because I think every thing is randomized if I'm getting kills I didn't earn whos to say it can tell the difference between teams killing bosses. I get more boss kills from not attacking the boss than when I do attack the boss.
War zone: Long, intense chaotic matches.
Warzone Definitly
warzone is -Yoink-...but Warzone assault is pretty fun.
SpartanJ91 wrote:
I prefer Warzone just because Warzone Assault seems heavily favored to the attacking team.
I'd say it's the other way around.