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Warzone Stereotypes


Hello my babies!

So ive returned from a... checks watch 6 month hiatus? Damn, thats a brick.

Anywho, for those who remember my stereotype posts, Here's another one because hey, I want to.
For those of you who dont... Well, Grampa's got a story to tell you.

So, today's topic is Warzone. And considering the character limit and previous Warzone discussion, Im'a limit this to Firefight.
Lets go.

The Noob.
Y'know how one of Halo's main points is that even a noob can be contribute a great deal? Not this guy.
These kids are entirely new to the WZ scene, and most likely are fresh cut from the cloth that is TF2's MvM, and therefore think they're identical. "lmao its just ai so easy lol"
It isnt. Half the time they usually take up space in a Fireteam, waste all their REQs, then get obliterated by a Jackal Sniper from half a mile away.
They're usually very temperamental and get very upset when you try to give even the smallest bits of advice, followed by slurs.

The Newb.
I've briefly touched on these guys before in my Halo 5 sterotypes post, but im posting it here for the sake of posterity.
The Newb is fairly new to the game, floating around SR10. They understand the difficulty of Warzone, and can handle it to a certain extent.
These guys are in no way amazing at Warzone. Sure, they can get Takedown medals, and rack up a decent amount of kills, but that is often overshadowed by death.
Another thing that separates these guys from Noobs is that theyre humble. This is something that I find lacking in people today. They are accepting of their mistakes and often work hard to rectify them. They dont outright refuse to learn the game, and because of this, it is your responsibility as an experienced player to show them the works.
These guys are almost nothing but good news.

The Storefront
Oh boy, do I have things to say about these guys. There are 2 different types that i'll briefly touch on.
The Storefront is they guy with every REQ Cert, and has at least 15 of each and every REQ to use at a moment's notice.
  1. One variation of this guy is the Jack of all trades. This guy is good. and when I mean good, I mean good. You'll see this guy go from using a Blood of Suban, to pulling out a Pro pipe and a Gavel. Although they;re great with almost any weapon, they tend to get overzealous, and run through their REQ energy quickly.
  2. The rich kid. Good God these kids are annoying. Imagine The Noob with an infinite cash flow. These kids cant use any REQ for squat, and are usually pretty easy to spot. Just look out at all the REQs in the field for you to pick up that just mysteriously appeared there. Im not talking about a few LightRifles and Pro Pipes here and there, I mean a metric-ooFload of REQs. Gravity hammers, DMRs, you name it, it's there.
The God
These guys are a force to be reckoned with. When on a team of full of them, you usually wrap up a full nine rounds in roughly 15 minutes, even on maps like Apex-7.
They have a wide range of abilities. They can use any weapon, They assassinate Gold-Tier bosses like it's nothing, kill entire groups of enemies with one grenade, and usually get across the map in 10 seconds on foot. Oh, and they almost Never die. A downside to people like this is that some of them are fairly kill happy and usually leave you no opportunity to get points. Warden? nah. he's already dead.

El Odio, or The Bull (Catch that reference and I love you)
Nothing says temperamental like one of these little ooF bags. In terms of skill, they're on a basic if not mediocre level of skill. Although docile if left alone, if you steal their kill, even by accident, or you kill a boss before they can also get a takedown medal, then you have set them off. Now, you're probably wondering; "Nom, why do you call them 'The Bull'?" Heh. I'll tell you why. These guys are usually low on Ghost REQs. Why? Because they spawn one just so they can focus you with it. Taking down Mythic Hunters? Nope, you just got pancaked by some kid. They absolutely abuse the living hell out of that bug, and they know it. The only reason they arent much of a threat is because of the teamkill detection.

A variant of these guys that are suprisingly beneficial for those on a time crunch is that they speed around in a ghost specifically to kill stock enemies. They can take out at least three groups of crawlers in 5 seconds upon spawn, saving everyone else the trouble of multitasking while fighting a Warden.

Hermit Crabs.

Now, these guys are a bit of a mixed bag. They almost exclusively camp out in vehicles, and that can go one of two ways, They're either a Rich kid, or they absolutely destroy. There isnt much to say on them is that when you see one that's been in an Oni Scorpion for 5 rounds, is top of the scoreboard, and hasn't died, they're probably good.

Frugal Freddy
These guys survive on dropped power weapons, mainly because they're out of good REQs, or are just insanely frugal with them. Skill-wise, I'd say theyre pretty good because if theyre able to make a killing on a fairly constricted sandbox, imagine what they could do with a full one.

These guys are more limited to those with experience on quickly taking out vehicles. They're characterized by always having a plasma pistol and an Ad Victoriam, or a SPNKR-X, and an ungodly amount of Boss Takedowns. If there's a Wraith or Phaeton that needs dealing with, then these guys are the ones to go to. Gold-Tier Banshee? Nah, This guy's just knocked it out of the sky and destroyed it.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If you've got anymore you'd like to share or think that I've left out, (Lets face it, I havent played WZFF in like 6 months so what do I know,) Go ahead and let me know in your replies.
I have seen "The Bull" work wonders on Urban. Especially on the generator defense sections. Enemies spawn in, Hog comes in from the side, BANG. No more Crawlers.

I think I kinda fit the Freddie type. I just like the challange.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
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