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Warzone Turbo is fun and all but...

OP Korma Chameleon

When you join a match mid-game and can't access any of your "reqs" at all. It sorts of defeats the purpose of the game type.

I'd be surprised that the testers didn't spot this bug but this is 343i we're talking about here...
Server derp'd
They probably tested on different servers, vs public servers. Anyway, make sure your reqs load before you go into the lobby.
Yeah it's a bug that happens quite often when ever you join in progress.
I have level 9 req levels and able to use my armour mod and loadout weapons but I get no req energy at all. This seems to occur when you join a game in progress. Gets a bit frustrating when you not being able to spawn a Spartan laser ir something is the difference between winning or losing.
It's not just warzone turbo.
Really bugs me that req points won't refill if you are a JIP. At least you have access to your loadouts, I seem to do fine either way.
Server derp'd
They reusing Battlefields old servers.. EA upgrading for BF1 (most likely not).