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[Locked] Warzone Update - 8/31/17

OP ske7ch

Over the past several days many players have reached out to report an Arclight exploit in Warzone. This issue, while not truly widespread, does allow players to essentially ruin the Warzone experience for everyone by getting a cheap victory. The 343 team has addressed this issue in our internal builds but unfortunately a permanent fix requires a game update which isn’t something we can get out the door immediately. In the interim, we will be making a temporary server-side change tomorrow, 8/31/17, until the permanent fix can be released as part of a future game update for Halo 5.

The following changes will go live in Warzone tomorrow to address this issue:
  • Arclight is removed from play
  • Selene’s Lance dropped to REQ level 5 from 6 (to fill the anti-vehicle weapon role lost by removing Arclight)
  • Heartseeker dropped to REQ level 6 from 7 (to fill the anti-vehicle weapon role changed by reducing the REQ level of Selene’s Lance)
We appreciate the feedback and everyone’s help in bringing this issue to our attention. Ensuring that Halo 5 offers a fun and balanced experience is very important to the 343 team and while these short-terms fixes aren’t totally ideal, this issue is serious enough that immediate action is warranted.

We’re targeting the November game update to address this issue (the same update that will include 4K support for Xbox One X!) which also includes several other Warzone fixes to issues reported by the community. We’ll have more details to share on that in the coming weeks.

Note: These changes also apply to Warzone Firefight and Warzone Assault.