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We need a Remastered Halo Map Pack!

OP AyTrayne

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Most of these maps exist, forgers have created amazing looking maps from the old days ( There should be a permanent classic playlist for Halo players who like the classic way of playing Halo and the maps from that time, however we will never see that as 343 doesn't want people who liked Halo to play the newer games...
Allen18812 wrote:
I'd prefer totally new maps, not saying the old maps were bad, but that's old news, lotta nostalgia.
Well, it doesn't help that a lot of 343i's new maps are definitely sub-par compared to the maps brought out by Bungie. I'd take Zealot, Guardian or Colossus any day over Coliseum or Fathom.
I would love to see the return of Snowbound and Guardian!
To be honest, instead of Halo 3: Annivserary (which I hope they don't do anyways) I'd rather they do Anniversary themed updates for Halo 5 and MCC.

Could get a bit of a resurgence for MCC in particular; maybe work Reach and ODST Firefight into it with maybe half a dozen Halo 3 maps for H2A. Ideally with them ironing out the last few kinks.
Maps I'd like to see remade for Halo 5 include Guardian, Spire, Haven, Construct, Ivory Tower, etc.
It would bring me back to halo 5, as long as the maps are not forge made.
i am very agree
please god no. I don't want to play those "classic maps" that have been redone and re made every other halo game, the reasons there called classic is because you can't play them in h5. If you want to play them that bad go back to MCC id much prefer new non rehashed maps I want some new classics ffs not guardian again..... Or the pit again....
Snowbound or Avalanche would be awesome
R3dMarine wrote:
I believe that is the mcc, also I don't think having two maps called guardian would be a good idea
Ha the broken chief collection that game is dead to me
Yes there are many forge maps from the old Halos which are so great
I think ragnorok from halo 4 was a fun map. I think it was originally in halo 3 and it was called Valhalla, I think don't hold me to it
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