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We need regular doubles in halo 5 again

OP The4thHokaqe

We’ve had competitive doubles in halo 5 for a while now, and while it was fun playing with a friend and getting sweaty, the lack of maps, and lack of weapons caused this game mode to get boring over time. 343 should rotate between casual and competitive doubles. The beauty of a regular doubles experience is that you have a much wider selection of maps, due to the fact that we can have forged maps in that playlist. Also when playing competitive your weapon choice is usually only the magnum with a few other precision weapons. Halos sand box is huge we have so many great weapons that are being left out in this game mode. Please 343 doubles is in need of a rotation it has been a long time since regular doubles has been in the game, also this would be a great time to add new community made maps to this playlist, as we have, together, created a great abundance of excellent maps aesthetically and gameplay wise.
100% agree!
I completely agree. Doubles is my favorite playlist. I thought they would have rotated it in for this season, as they had been doing. Doubles has been missing for quite sometime now. I enjoy lots of the forged maps in the playlist (These walls,Veil,Hazard etc) and they cannot be found in any other playlist. BRING DOUBLES BACK!!
Winter 2021 Arena Season Needs to give us regular doubles, with forge maps and the weapon sand box, please we are over competitive doubles!! 343 please
Regular 2s wasn't liked by the comp community and was removed and replaced with comp 2s because of the amount of criticism the regular 2s playlist got. As far as i'm aware comp 2s has a higher population that regular 2s did
Please bring back regular Halo 5 Doubles. This competitive playlist is getting old. Lacking any of the good old maps, no radars and spartan charge etc. The original Doubles was amazing and addicting, and this playlist with these 4 map rotations is frustrating.
Right it’s been so long, we want more maps, more weapons on these maps too, doubles has needed an update for a long time now
Can we at least get regular halo 5 doubles once before infinite comes out!?! Just once!!!!! Right now you're catering to the competitive tournament players. Which we get it, that's the majority of the people playing right now.. I like tournaments too but -Yoink- this playlist just isn't the same as normal doubles. Can we get some of the cooler maps and -Yoink- back please