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We need social arena

OP xXTwstdasasinXx

Rankings don't seem to work in this game. When I go into a game with friends who arn't even ranked and we get paired up with Onyx and Diamond players while our highest rank is Plat then there's a problem. Either ranking needs to be fixed, or social needs to be put in because games where we just get sniped non stop and are clearly outclassed arn't fun. And can we quit as a team? No because we get banned from playing more which is just hilarious. I have friends who arn't that great at this game and getting stomped over and over is really off putting for us and especially them. Teams need to be fair, people can't get better when they spend the whole game respawning.
I agree. I want some social games.
I agree as well.
I agree as well.
The closest to that would be warzone to me, but even that seems to get to competitive
Yeah 343 can't seem to find that good balance between social and competitive gaming.
I really hope they add this too. I get annoyed when my roommates wanna "get better at the new Halo" and end up going 3-15 in Slayer on my account. I'm stuck in Platinum 1
I also agree, I'm not really a competitive player so I'd like that.
Don't you guys know? They may not have a social arena or more playlists until December, but starting next weekend there will be a weekend social playlist; the most popular game type has a chance of becoming permanent
Can't be stated enough. Competitive arena is fun, but not every time I want to play. Warzone is fun, but it gets repetitive. We need social games. Slayer, BTB, rumble pit. There needs to be a playlist where we can relax and have fun other than warzone. It's simple and obvious.