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Weapon not firing, anyone else have this issue?


Lately, I have had an issue where I try to shoot but nothing happens. It’s been happening more recently lately. It happens a handful of times each night I play. It seems to happen when I encounter an enemy and we try and shoot each other at the same time. It’s as if the game can’t take our inputs at the same time, so it just ignores mine and my weapon doesn’t shoot. I’ll have to pull the trigger again to get it to shoot. It only happens in Halo5. I know it’s not my Elite controller because it doesn’t do this in other games or apps. It also doesn’t do it if the enemy is unaware that I about to shoot him. However, if the enemy is facing me and it looks like we are going to be shooting at the same time, this is when my weapon will not fire. Anyone else having this issue. Anything I can do to fix it?
I have that all the time on Arena. It’s actually bull
No, that never happened to me that I know of. Every now and then the whiplash will studder and take longer to fire but that's about it
I have that all the time on Arena. It’s actually bull
Yeah, this also only happens in multiplayer modes.
I have that all the time on Arena. It’s actually bull
I have been experiencing this lately too. It’s kinda frustrating because instead of trading with an enemy I just end up getting killed.
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This has been happening more and more lately. Especially in rock and rail.
You forgot to take it off safety! But seriously though, this never happens to me, UNLESS it’s swat. I’m almost just DONE with swat because of how many games I’ll lose to terrible teammates and things like this. Try playing other gametypes, I’ve noticed it doesn’t do it on other ones.
When I joined the Halo multiplayer community we didn't have any fancy-shmancy guns, we had two sticks and a rock for the whole team. and we had to share the rock!

But in all seriousness, I seem to recall having a similar issue some while ago (i.e more than a year). Only happened to me once though, while yours seems to be a reccurent issue. Do you have a second controller? By your description, it would be doubtful that your Elite controller is causing the issue, but it would still be worth a trying an alternative controller just so you can be completely sure.

Otherwise, I'd suggest posting your issue down at the Halo 5 Support Forums and seeing if someone there can help you troubleshoot the problem.
My astro a50's recently died on me, Good headset for about 5-6 years now. Finally laid to rest. I have my razer headset plugged into my monitor, but it seems like the first 3 shots I'm getting shot at, I don't hear. Like sound disappears. Makes me mad! I might have to buy a new astro headset, that's what I'm dealing with right now
I experienced that a few times playing Raid this past week.
Happens to me once every 5 games I believe. Usually my railgun won't charge up at all, the bullet for my last shot for the perfect kill never leaves the barrel, or that snipe that would've made a sick overkill except for the fact that the weapon never shot. Happens with rockets quite a bit too.
thanks for this post. i just assumed something was wrong on my end...glad it's not just me. ;-)
I thought it was my controller or me imagining things, but there are others. Im not going crazy!
When i switch guns the gun im putting fires a shot after my new gun is in my hands the
shotgun and scatershot are really noticeable
This happens when I use the assault rifle and the needler in multiplayer. I also use the elite controller
did you forget to put a mag in the gun LOL anyway no i have never had this problem this is my first time hearing this problem
I experienced that a few times playing Raid this past week.
Me too dude, I thought that I was the only one with that issue.
The only weapon that I seem to encounter this consistently with is the Rain of Oblivion (Carbine).

If I had to explain what it feels like, I’d say it felt like the weapon jams and just won’t fire until the next pull of the trigger.
Had this situation as well, at first I thought it was XSX system issue cause I never seen this on my old xbox one.
It just happened all the time on my SeriesX