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Wednesday Social Stream

OP Natpars

Hello, I would like to know how the Social Stream works. I wanted yesterday to play with or against the person chosen to get my Nameplate and my Skin Ice Unicorn but in vain.
The person played alone and made invitations but no one from 343.
How does it work?
Hey OP. I can hopefully help clear things up for you.

The weekly social stream sometimes has 343 hosting from the studios an playing some games with a guest, other times they host a community member on their channel. If the games being played are Halo 5 or MCC then you have a chance at getting the Ice Unicorn skin, the skins are manually granted by 343 after the stream. It can take up to a week for you to receive the skin as they need to go through all the played matches during the stream time frame.

When 343 hosts a weely stream they generally don't do it on an invite basis - you need to find and match with them in whatever playlist they are playing. Community members often invite players who are watching the stream. It doesn't matter if you aren't invited or aren't on the same team as 343 or the feature community member though - as long as you are in a match with them dureing the stream time (and fully complete that match) then you will be awarded the skin :)
OK thanks for this information. I will be more vigilant next Wednesday.
Sorry to go back my topic but how long is the session on Wednesday?
It's been several days since I try to fall against them but without success. I feel that they are only 4-5 games or they only play one hour.
Natpars wrote:
Sorry to go back my topic but how long is the session on Wednesday?
Generally the stream is an hour and a half: 1.30 PT / 9.30 UK until 3pm PT / 11PM UK. This week they had to cut it short so it was only live for an hour, there's always next week though. Don't think the weekly stream is going away for a while :)
Ah ok thank you because I thought that the session last night was shorter than the previous ones.
Hoping to have more luck next Wednesday then. Thanks.